Unglück in VW-Werk: Roboter tötet Arbeiter - manager magazin

Zalando schakelt logistieke robots na testperiode in voor het echte werk

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Het einde van de aspergestekers? Robot kan werk overnemen

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Im Wiener Siemens-Werk schanzen sich die Roboter die Arbeit zu

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PC Gaming Show - Megathread

Hey folks its about time for the PC Gaming Show to start. This year we expect to see "over 50 games and a few surprises". I will be keeping this updated as frequently as I can! If I miss anything or there is inaccurate information please let me know.
Link to not-E3-but-it-kind-of-still-is-E3 Megathread of Megathreads

Relevant Links (will update when they start)

Live(ish) Updates

  • Currently they are playing a montage of classic PC games with music from Super Meat Boy.
  • Persona 4 Golden appears to be up on Steam already, $19.99
  • Torchlight III appears to be up on Steam for Early Access
  • Clip about some of the best aspects of the PC Gaming community
  • Day9 discussing Black Lives Matter, highlighting NAACP. More info at https://www.pcgamer.com/black-lives-matte
  • We are now in the secret Gaming Lair with Dev Bot
  • Procedural generated open world game being shown off now - Valheim.
  • Gameplay of Ooblets
  • Torchlight III Trailer starting now
  • Interview with TL3 dev Max Schaefer (Spelling?) now. A century after TL2. Scope wise, its expanded a lot. Players can customize forts and decorate. Available right now $29.99
  • Elite Dangerous is next up. Trailer being shown, seems cinematic. Elite Dangerous Odyssey arriving 2021
  • You can go walk around and explore planet surfaces, interacting with environments, play with friends in multiplayer.
  • Persona 4 Golden trailer. Available on Steam now as confirmed earlier by our resident leakers
  • In Sound Mind (Spooky looking game) trailer shown. Devs talking now
  • Lots of uhhhhh "funny" clips of Day9 and the robot companion between the reveals and trailers
  • Airborne Kingdom - top down flying city looking game being shown
  • Dwarfheim - Available on steam right now (multiplayer beta)
  • A shit load of games just shown from New Blood, I missed half of the names pls help
  • Dusk, Maximum Action, Unfortunate Spaceman, Faith, Ultrakill, Gloomwood
  • Humankind (2021) Civ like game being shown. Open Development
  • Icarus - Rocket Werks game being shown. Open world survival looking game. Made by DayZ guy Dean Hall
  • Focus on that first 30 minutes of previous Dean Hall games.
  • Basically Rust with space suits. A bit more rogue-like
  • "I don't want it to be another Dean Hall game"
  • Evil Genius 2: World Domination trailer being shown
  • First official gameplay footage of Godfall on PC, Unreal Engine 5
  • 1/2 player skill driven, 1/2 gear driven
  • Prodeus being shown now. Look slike Classic Doom but very modernized. Very very nice looking
  • Fae Tactics - kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics but not.
  • Carto - cute little indie game shown.
  • Wingman trailer shown, looks like a modern jet dog fight game
  • KANE IS HERE, plugged C&C Remaster
  • Blankos Block Party - some kind of toy sandbox game. Has some team shooter elements, racing modes, platformer. Kind of "build your own thing". Its like Disney Infinity with actual real toys.
  • Everspace 2 trailer being shown. "Alpha Gameplay footage"
  • Inkulinati - turn-based strategy with medieval animals inspired by 700 years-old real-life medieval marginalia (Thanks krkus !)
  • Trailer being shown for A Total War Saga: Troy
  • Some ad for a custom PC, themed for Total War Sage, kinda sexy looking. Apparently you can win it in a sweepstakes or something
  • Remnant: From the Ashes - upcoming DLC "Subject 2923"
  • Talking about Mafia Trilogy remake for PC. Trailer being shown now. Looking at August 2020 for release
  • Gameplay trailer for Rogue Lords, looks like a vampire RPG
  • Unexplored 2: Wayfarer's Legacy being shown now. Top down exploration game, twin stick shootery looking gameplay
  • Peak at new Dauntless update, trailer playing now. "Call of the Void".
  • Among the Trees - Gameplay / Trailer being shown. Indie survival game
  • Potionomics trailer rolling now. Crafting / shop keeper game
  • Mortal Shell trailer being shown. Bosses being discussed / shown now. Combat is very slow but calculated.
  • Shadow Man from Nintendo 64 being ported by same team who did Turok (who did a fantastic job by the way)
  • Killing floor / Maneater / Chivalry being talked about. Some updates coming out.
  • Epic Store sizzle reel
  • Blightbound - 3 player coop dungeon crawler trailer being shown
  • Shadows of Doubt short trailer shown, detective game
  • The Forgotten City, reimagining of the mod
  • Paradise Killer - another detective game, play as Lady Love Dies
  • Haven - about two lovers who uhhhh skate around with magic boots and use teamwork to beat the... evil
  • Cartel Tycoon - its a cartel simulator
  • Trash Sailors - interesting 2.5D art style, survive the big flood!
  • I think we are at the bottom of the barrel now, skimming through indie games left and right
  • Cris Tales - I can't tell what kind of game this is. Demo is on Steam right now.
  • Alaloth - top down CRPG?
  • Weird West trailer being shown now - Action RPG. Top down isometric
  • Wolfeye Studios president on to talk about Weird West. Available in 2021, demo coming out soon.
  • Story of Seasons coming to PC, trailer shown
  • Trailer for New World shown
  • Teaser for Twin Mirror, story driven game
  • Metal Hellsinger gameplay shown, looks very Doom 2016/20, cool looking game
  • The Amulet of Chaos preview, top-down isometric turn based tactics game
  • Getting a nice look at Red Sails right now. Looks cel shaded, you sail across an ocean of sand.
  • Preview of Surgeon Simulator 2, available August 2020
  • New game from Hello Games, The Last Campfire. Looks like some kind of emotional journey type adventure game
  • Escape from Tarkov being shown - talking about upcoming patch 12.7 increasing world size
  • New Outlast cinematic trailer being shown now. "The Outlast Trials". SPOOKY
  • Uhhhhhh I guess thats it? The show is over?

/Games Discussions

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Episode 2, "Queens in a Pod" [POLL]

The queens return to the werk room. u/Starrrupt and u/MaritessTrosper enter hand in hand, skipping cheerfully. "We did that, bitches!!!" Starr screams in glee.
Talking Head: u/MaritessTrosper, "I was a little nervous about my urban semantic skills, but I still destroyed the verse challenge, along with Swish's kneecaps. I heard a loud crunch! Good... Very good!"
Swish glares at Maritess. "Why the fuck did you push me off the stage? Asian girls are supposed to build each other up, not tear each other down!"
Maritess cackles, putting her hands on her hips. "I am not like you. You are an asian girl, but I am... A model minority!!!" Lightning strikes, as ominous music fills the werk room. The other girls shake in fear.
u/Frandiohh rolls her eyes. "Whatever girl. Swish should've been in the top 2, and she would've been if it weren't for your crazy-eyed snaggle toothed ass. You sabotaged her!"
BQ briefly stops paying attention to her nails to turn towards Frand and smiles deviously. "So who would u/Swish_17 have replaced if things had been... Up to you?"
The other girls turn and look at Frand expectedly, who rolls her eyes and mutters her answer. "Starr."
Micro gasps, and puts a well manicured hand over her mouth. Starr rolls her eyes, and walks away to take out her contacts.
Talking Head: u/Starrrupt, "Even though I'm the first to win a challenge, these girls are still hating on me. At this point I'm used to it. I'm really good at everything I do, and then people go 'Oh pretty girl, let's bully her'. You think you can hurt me? I had my heart removed along time ago along with my ovaries."
Shasha clears her throat. "Well, I for one would like to congratulate Starr on her rightfully deserved win!" Starr smiles, and the two hug.
Meanwhile, Swish and Frand stand in a corner conversing. "Girl, you were so robbed. I'm so angry. Not because I got bad critiques, but like... What the fuck were the judges smoking?" Swish laughs, and shakes her head. "Nah girl, don't even worry about it. I've got all the time in the world to win more. It's only the first episode."
Dramatic music intensifies 🎶
"Pedro!" u/FreeWill310 yells. "Why are you putting on clown makeup?! We're supposed to be getting OUT of drag!!!"
"Sorry guys!" Pedro replies sheepishly. She buries her hands in her face, causing her clown nose to emit a loud HONK.
The girls all walk into the werk room. Micro stares into a camera, and winks. "That one's for the camera guy, you sexy little Lenny Kravitz looking mother fucker."
u/Frandiohh rolls her eyes. "Micro, can you stop being horny for one second? We have a show to film."
The girls stand around a werk room table. "So... Miss u/FreeWill310, what are you wearing this morning?" Pedro laughs, looking Free's choice of werk woom attire up and down.
Free shrugs. "I put on a Hawaiian shirt and some trackies. And I couldn't find my other flip flop so I settled for a louboutin. What do you guys think?"
"I think that you're going home first." BQ smirks. A shade rattle sounds as the other girls gasp.
Free's face turns red as she stares BQ down. "This outfit wasn't meant for you to enjoy. It was meant to be understood from an academic perspective!"
BQ rolls her eyes. "Honey, the only way that outfit's gonna be understood is from a clown's perspective."
"I disagree" Pedro replies. "I graduated from clown school summa cum laude and I still don't understand Free's outfit." The other queens solemnly nod at this profound statement.
Talking Head: u/BtQw3, "Do I think Free deserves to be here? Sure I do. Every American deserves the chance to humiliate themselves on national television. Who am I to deny a kindly gentleman that oppurtunity?"
Shasha rolls her eyes. "Oh settle down BQ. I need to focus on making this Tik Tok!" Shasha whips out her phone and starts rapidly dancing. "Someone else do it with me! C'mon Pronouns!"
Pronouns stands next to Shasha and flips off the camera.
Maritess screams before grabbing Shasha's phone and throws it at the wall. It smashes into a billion pieces. "Hey!" Shasha protests.
Automoderator: During lockdown, Americans have been finding knew past times to occupy their waking moments. And the new craze going down in history is... Podcasts!!! From Sibling Rivalry to Race Chaser, queens everywhere are jumping on Anchor pronto! Your assignment this week is to create a Podcast that shows the judges who you are! Be clear, be cognitive, and don't forget to make us laugh!!!"
The girls sit around the werk room working on their podcasts.
A faint groaning sound can be heard from a certain table. u/Swish_17's ears perk up, and she swivels her head until she's identified the source of the groaning: Pedro.
"Pedro, what's going on girl?" Swish asks, walking over to her friend.
Pedro groans, burying her hands in her arms. "I can't think of anything to do a podcast about. I don't even know what a podcast is! Isn't it like... A play about peas?!"
Swish laughs, and sits down next to Pedro. "Here, maybe I can help a little bit. So you want to create a podcast that shows the judges your brand as a drag queen, but is also funny. So here are a few concept you could go off of."
"Hm.... Hearing you explain it out loud made it so much easier. Thanks girl, you're a life saver!" Pedro beams.
"Any time girl!" Swish laughs.
Talking Head: u/Swish_17 "Even though I was robbed last episode, I've never let that kind of thing get you down. In this competition, I want to compete amongst the best, and beat the best. So there's no need to sabotage my competition. Otherwise that would make me no better than... Maritess."
u/Frandiohh frantically tears a sheet of paper in two and slams her head on the table several times. "Ugh! I can't think of anything! Hey Maritess, could you help me out a little?"
Maritess looks up from her podcast, and scoffs. "Me?! Helping you?! Do you believe Gods concern themselves with the matters of insects?! Or Republicans with the matters of liberals?! Don't mooch off me, faggot!"
Talking Head: u/Frandiohh, "Um... What the fuck?!"
Lights... Cameras.... Action!!!
u/Grotesquette struts the runway
u/Grotesquette: Welcome to the mainstage of SDRDR Season 6! I don't have the energy to write out an intro for this ep, especially because it's already so text heavy. Sorry!
u/-_-whodat: I- Wow. Nerve. We stan.
u/Grotesquette: Tonight we're joined by special guest and the co-host of the Sibling Whiitevalry podcast, u/WhiiteMustang!
u/WhiiteMustang: I’m so happy to be here! I can’t believe I’m considered qualified to judge a competition I've failed miserably in twice!
u/Grotesquette: Didn’t you also destroy the set and cause thousands of dollars in damages?
u/WhiiteMustang: The past is the past! Spencie and I have a saying in our podcast that we like to use when it comes to messy decisions by other people.
u/Grotesquette: And what is that?
u/WhiiteMustang: Condragulations Rita Baga you’re the winner of this weeks challenge (:
u/Grotesquette: Tonight on the mainstage, I challenged my queens to market their very own podcasts. And on the runway, category is: What's the use of feeling blue? Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines. And may the best woman... Win!!!



🎶 We Don't Stop, Until Mascara's on the Dancefloor

Grotesquette: First up, it's u/BtQw3!
u/BtQw3: Last time my African couture fantasy was underappreciated by the uncultured swine, I mean the judges. This time I am sure the new management has enough taste to recognise what a beautiful woman I am and that this runway was severely eaten up by me. Also if they happen to dislike my look I can file a case for racism and favouritism against me, it is a good thing that I got my lawyers to change my contract before agreeing to compete again
Grotesquette: Next up, u/FreeWill310!
u/FreeWill310: Painting my body for this look was so much fun! First, I painted my big fat dick and balls, tucked them, and then painted my big fat juicy moose knuckle gorilla grip pussy!
Grotesquette: Next up, u/ShashaStan!
u/ShashaStan: Gowns are what I do best, so here I am. I'm feeling my Percy Jackson, Godess of the sea fantasy. I look fit as fuck mate
Grotesquette: Up next, u/Frandiohh!
u/Frandiohh: So for runway today, I am serving you CAMEROONIAN TRADITIONAL ELEGANZA. This is the kaba ngondo, the traditional outfit from my region that I have elevated. I feel very proud.
Grotesquette: Next up, u/Starrrupt!
u/Starrrupt: For tonight's runway, I am feeling my oats as a water nymph walking through the woods, holding these flowers. Feeling all my ethereal oats. I know I look magical, which is the perfect juxtaposition to my over-the-top silly podcast. This is definitely my night!
Grotesquette: She's a woman! It's u/my-pronouns-are-she!
u/my-pronouns-are-she: I'm wearing this look because it's blue, comfortable, and shows that blue doesn't always have to be depressing. It can be comforting xx
Grotesquette: Up next, u/Micronesiarain!
u/Micronesiarain: For me, this week was all about showing who I am. So for my blue runway, I wanted to go for something avant- grade and totally one of a kind. This puffer gown is gonna give me a heat stroke, but anything for fashion.
Grotesquette: Swish swish bish! It's u/Swish_17!
u/Swish_17: Today I’m giving you the crossroad of fashion meeting sadness, I gave you a story of blue, meets Asia, meets cloth. I wanted this look to seem almost liquid with its movement, to portray this story of flowing tears. My face is obscured because the only person that ever sees me cry this is my sugar daddy. I’m showing these girls that I’m a threat that’s gonna ruin their day. But there’s no reason to cry about it, because again, what’s the use of feeling blue?”
Grotesquette: Next up, u/StrawPedro!
u/StrawPedro: When I think of the color Blue, it reminds me of the color of Player Two, and one of the characters from my favorite childhood fighting game - Chun Li. This runway is an homage to this female fighter icon! Last week, the judges criticized my runway for being too subdued, so this week I'm amping up the glam! My waist is cinched for the gods and my thicc thighs rub like they harmonize! What's the use of feeling blue you ask? Let's beat em skanky-ass men all up I say!
Grotesquette: Up next, u/MaritessTrosper!
u/MaritessTrosper: Jealous rats cut me out from Crazy Rich Asians anyways this is what YOU can look like if you listen to Adele remix, eat hot chip, and lie.

🎶 Joan of Arc Is on the Dance Floor

Grotesquette: Thank you ladies. Now when I call your names please step forward.




You are safe. Please step to the back of the stage.
The rest of you represent the tops and bottoms of the week. Now let's begin with the judges' critiques, starting with... u/Starrrupt!
Grotesquette: Coming fresh off of a win, you dare do this well again? How very dare you Starr?! Your podcast was definitely one of the funniest of the evening. You know I’m a sucker for absurdist humor, and your Powerpoint was filled to the brim with it. The one critique I might give you is that it needed a stronger concept. It was clear that it was a podcast created by you, but the overall theme was a little murky. However, the laughter you caused more and made up for that. I love this runway look. You look like an ethereal sea princess. Keep up the good work diva!
Spencerietta: Starr, I’m going to be very honest with you. Your podcast was chaotic, borderline problematic, and messy… in all the best ways possible. Coming from such a strong performance in the first challenge, I was excited to see what you’d do this week and you delivered yet again! You know who you are, you have a unique point of view, and it shows. And for your look tonight, albeit a bit basic, you look gorgeous and the image of you floating down the runway with that tulle train following behind you was something out of a fairytale. Another fantastic showing from you this week.
Moving onto u/Swish_17!
-_-whodat: Swish you impressed me a lot with this podcast!! I found it one of the funniest of the night, it was relatable while also being ... crazy at times. Like the part about being forced out to the principal, that got a genuine laugh from me. I found that the jimbo segment did go on a little bit too long, but it was still entertaining. A great challenge performance overall. Your runway has been done before but I can forgive that since SDRDR isn’t .... available for viewing anymore, and it’s an incredibly strong look and not a super conventional take on the theme. Great job tonight !
Rupertonian: Ohhhhh, bitch! You had me at “What’s the Grease.” Your podcast was just so you, the reddit history checking, the random spilling tea segment, it all just WORKED, and it was just funny. You had a clear concept, and that’s what elevated you to the top. The interview with Jimbo was genius, though I’m sure you could’ve trimmed the fat from that a little bit and not let it go for so long. As for your runway, immaculate last week and immaculate this week. There’s no other words for it other than that. Today was a wonderful night for you, my dear, and I cannot wait to see what you’re going to bring next episode.
Next, u/BtQw3!
-_-whodat: Ah BQ, this sadly wasn’t your stronger week. I didn’t hate anything you did this week but I just didn’t find that it compared to the others. I felt like the podcast just didn’t lead towards many real jokes. However I will say that you served on this runway, overall tho I just expected better after last weeks solid performance
Whiite: So the concept of your podcast is cute. You have a solid base going with it, but there really isn’t much to talk about in terms of news with stan twitter in mind. To be fair, there is great humor to be had in the idea of a stan twitter podcast, but is it enough to sustain more than two episodes? I know stan twitter, they’re boring! It’s the same thing every week. I think you have the potential for a great podcast but not with this topic. This runway is very beautiful though, although simple, but you make it work!
Grotesquette: BQ, I really wanted to love your podcast. It’s clear that you put a lot of work into it, and I definitely respect that. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t funny. This was a comedy challenge, and I felt like you could’ve gone a lot further. The stan circuit concept could’ve been funny, but it didn’t really tell us a lot about you as a queen. I think you had a clearer concept than a lot of the other girls up here tonight, it just needed to be funny. The QR code was a nice touch, but it led to… A Rickroll video. That would be cute in 2012. Starting now, you really need to start showing the judges more of your personality.
u/BtQw3: Sorry, it’s just… There’s a lot of pressure to represent my people. You know? Pretty girls. I look around this stage tonight and I see a bunch of uggos, and it makes me feel like I don’t belong.
Grot: Pretty girls are grossly underrepresented in the media. But you can change that. Even if you’re the only 10 in a room full of 5’s, you still need to fight for all of the little future Naomi Campbell’s watching at home.
u/BtQw3: Ugh, you’re so right! I can’t believe I let those horse faced bitches get to me! Ugliness really is a disease.
Up next, u/ShashaStan!
Rupertonian: Why must we always have this dance, my love? You start off so strong each competition, and then the very next day, you fall. SDRDR just has that power on you, because you become the reverse of what you were on Fagula. Your podcast didn’t have any jokes, and the jokes that were there weren’t on purpose because it was the google translate bot mispronouncing my name and saying “M-E” for ME. If that’s the funniest thing on your podcast, then that’s…whew…a problem. Your runway. Shasha, I can always rely on you to at least deliver a STRONG runway, and tonight, not the strongest I’ve seen from you. You have to keep a consistency, and you cannot let the ball drop after the first episode.
Spencerietta: ShashaShtan… whew, that’s hard to say! Anyway. Let me start by saying I like this runway. Do I love it? No. But it wasn’t as big of a miss as some of these looks up here tonight, so I will applaud you for that. However, for a podcast that is all about “making the judges laugh” you clearly didn’t take your own advice tonight. Both the concept and the product just fell flat for me. We know you and we know what you have delivered in the past, and I wanted to see more of that but you didn’t deliver to that level at all. Even with the nod to the Snatch Game fiasco of All Stars 3, it still felt detached from the Shasha “brand” so to speak. Not your best tonight, but I know you have it in you. If you stay tonight, I want to see you to blow us away next week.
Next up, u/FreeWill310!
Grotesquette: As someone who brands themselves as a queen with a message, the judges and I had high hopes for you. And…. You floundered them. This podcast was my least favorite of the night. The main selling point was a clip from the film Robots? And the clip wasn’t even that funny. Like, if your podcast is going to revolve around fracking jokes, those jokes need to be super funny, especially because at this point they’re sort of outdated. I felt like your podcast told us nothing about you, and it seemed like something one would find on rpdrcirclejerk with 15 upvotes and 2 comments. It’s lazy, and I definitely expected better from you. If you’re to make it to the next week, it’s imperative that you step your pussy up!
Rupertonian: Free, from the high of last week, I expected you to keep that trajectory onto this week, but this week was one of the hardest crashes I’ve seen on drag race. Your podcast just wasn’t in any capacity what it was supposed to be. Yes, fracking? We’ve heard that for almost a year now, so the joke’s novelty has worn off, and even if you were going to use that joke you needed to have a punchline, and that punchline wasn’t there. As for your runway, it…I appreciate it, I appreciate anything that looks so cursed, but you could’ve just taken it so above and beyond and you didn’t. You really have to start picking yourself up, because if you continue onto this path, you’re going to crash and burn really hard.
Whiite: Miss free will.... your podcast had a similar issue to btq’s, but to an extreme. There’s no sustainability! You went through the entire subject matter of the podcast in 1 minute, what else could you say? I appreciate being straight to the point, but I think this week that wasn’t the right thing to do. Maybe do a more serial approach and make it like a true crime podcast related to things like that? But not exclusively just one thing. We wanted a house and you gave us a board with concrete stuck to the end. The runway (: let me remain positive. This is me being positive (:
Next up, u/my-pronouns-are-she!
-_-whodat: I found that your podcast had such a fun concept. I appreciated how it was self referential at times and just overall very funny, an impressive challenge for you. The runway was a creative take on the theme and looked incredibly chic! Definitely a strong week for you.
Rupertonian: I did not know what to expect from you, but from what I can say, I am so pleasantly surprised. Your podcast was just so funny, the theme, the whole notion of “stupid bitch” was just perfect. Though, not the most, original of themes, you did take a theme that would’ve easily put you in the bottom and managed to come out on top especially with what happened last week. Your runway however, I saw the direction you were going towards but it just came off really basic. Like, fun mom at campsite trying to stay warm. It was a good night for you, so keep up this pace.
Whiite: I wanna be on your podcast! It sounds like a perfect fit for a dumb bitch such as myself!
Pronouns: Oh don't worry honey, that can be arranged!
Finally, u/Micronesiarain!
Grotesquette: Micro, coming into this competition expectations were very high for you. And you did not let us down in the slightest tonight. Out of all of the podcasts tonight, yours by far had the clearest concept and the cleanest execution. It’s clear that you’re a perfectionist, as you paid attention to even the slightest details of your podcast. Your brand is being a white man’s whore, and not only did you stay true to that brand, you added your own comedic stylings. Not to mention you look amazing on the runway tonight. Overall this week as a slam dunk for you.
Spencerietta: Miss Micro, you have done it again! Constantly raising the bar for us all… and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised, but I know who you are. You had me completely engulfed for every single second in the challenge and on the runway. I had mentioned to a few girls last week that we want to get to know you guys, and this is how you do it. You took your personality and those little Micro-isms and pumped your podcast full of them, and that’s what made it so enjoyable. Your runway look tonight is nothing short of amazing as well. It’s gorgeous, but a little left-of-center just like you. Tonight was the Micro show, bitch and I’m so glad I had a front row seat to it.
Whiite: Micro, your podcast was great. It was funny, straight to the point, structured well, all the ingredients for a successful podcast, which is probably why you haven’t heard about my podcast. But can we talk about this runway!!! The craftsmanship, the color, the shape, it’s perfect. This dress shouldn’t work at all, but not only does it work, it’s the CEO, and I’m hungies for some biwionaires uwu
Grotesquette: Now, based on the judges' critiques, I have made some decisions.

u/Starrrupt, you showed the judges your stardom tonight. You're safe.

u/Micronesiarain, your podcast ended up being the true survivor.


Condragulations Micro, you are the winner of this weeks challenge.

Great job Starr you are safe.

Swish and Pronouns, you are also safe.

FreeWill, your podcast shouldn't have been willed into existence. I'm sorry my dear but you are up for elimination.

BQ, while the judges felt your runway look gave us Wakanda realness, we African't forgive your podcast.

Shasha, while your look tonight is fabulous, your podcast wasn't... From better to best.

Shasha... You're safe. You may join the other girls at the back of the stage.

FreeWill, BQ... The time has come for you to lip sync for your life!!! Good luck, and don't fuck it up!


Who should win the lip sync? Vote here! Voting closes soon.

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Respect Jessie and Zophia Blazkowicz - The Terror Twins (Wolfenstein)

Jessie "Jess" and Zofia "Soph" Blazkowicz - The Terror Twins

The twin daughters of William "B.J." Blazkowicz, the man who killed Adolf Hitler. Years after the liberation of America, William suddenly disappears leaving their family without a word. After learning of rumors of their father causing chaos in Nazi occupied Paris, the Twins set out to find him. Equipping themselves with power armor reverse engineered from Nazi designs, the Twins make contact with the Paris resistance and help them take back their city during their search for their father. In the process of slaughtering Nazis all over the city, they quickly earn the title of "The Terror Twins".

Power Suit

Armor Descriptions






Handgranate (Grenade)
Pistole (Basic Pistol)
Maschinenpistole (Machine Pistol)
Blitzgewehr (SMG)
Sturmgewehr (Assault Rifle)
Kugelgewehr (Shotgun)


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Virtual Drag Race Winner's Royale: Episode 5- The Virtual Drag Race Award Show Lip Sync

"WELCOME TO THE VIRTUAL DRAG RACE AWARD SHOW!" Honey Soy glitters as she arrives on the stage. "I'm here to crown the best of the best. I am Honey Soy Sickening, also known as 'Who?' And I welcome you all to this show! I can't wait for Pathy Tique to win all the categories and prove he's the Queen to beat and the true winner of season 8! Now... presenting our first award... C-$alt and The Ripper!
The Ripper smiles. "Hello, i'm the Ripper and I-"
"WE are presenting the award for the BEST Fashion Monarch." C-$alt grins.
"Haha, whoops!" Ripper smiles.
"THE Winner is..." C-$alt reads. "Angele... Angel St Frostfur!"
Angel walks up to the stage.
"Thank you all so much. Just remember... pretty girls always win!" Angel laughs.
"Now... it's time for the BAD GUYS." Ripper winks.
"Oh, god. They forgot my name." Fatima shrugs. "I mean, I guess it's better than that bomb." Fatima gulps. "Now, I'm not one for being a huge fan of Villains, especially when we have one big one in the White House... but I do love a bit of naughty." Fatima seductively takes off her Hijab. "I can be bad.." She winks. "Oh! Our Winner. The Fan Favourite Villain Award goes to.... DULCE!"
Dulce walks up the stage, pushing over a P.A.
"Remember, in America, you can be anything. Even a bitch!" Dulce smiles.
"Beautiful words, truly." Fatima smiles. "Now, giving us a GAG worthy moment, It's Crystal Queerly... God, that name." Fatima facepalms.
"HIYA ALL, I'M CRYSTAL, AND I'M HERE TO PRESENT THE NEXT AWARD!" Crystal yells loudly. "Our most... Gag Worthy Moment. Oh My GOD!" Crystal gasps. "This award goes to... The Fracker Quitting Season 9!"
The Fracker walks up on the stage in an Oil Themed Gown. "First of all, [email protected]!#@!#!#[email protected]#, 2#@[email protected]#@$!!!!" Fracker gets bleeped out for a good minute. "Thanks, RuPaul. Can't wait to see you go!"
Ru looks at Fracker, and sighs.
"What an AWARD!" Crystal grins. "Now, it's two Pageant Goddesses! Meet Heaven and Yasmeen!"
"Wow. Lovely to... Meet You, Heaven!" Yasmeen smiles.
"I mean, I can't believe there's another Goddess here." Heaven laughs. "It's been a good night for the St Frostfur already.."
"Let's hope you come close, get 2nd, or get sent home by Priya Tigress!" Yasmeen laughs.
"May she rest in peace." Heaven looks down, laughing. "Now, our favourite Rivalry... goes to Seondeok/Katana/Gemini vs Vitalia/Cyrus/Mai!"
All 6 of them walk on the stage. Gemini hugs Katanna and Seondeok tightly.
"I swear, we're all friendly now!" Mai smiles.
"Now, up next... Let's hope he doesn't have a freakout..." Yasmeen gulps. "It's Prince Kong!"
Kong laughs. "Thanks Yasmeen, let's hope you don't try and show us your Karate Skills!" Kong smirks. "I'm here to give the award to the best of the worst. Our favourite early out! The Winner is.. Melanie Minaj!"
Melanie yells. "YAAAAASSSSS! Thank you so much. I promise, I'm here, I'm dedicated, and I will be back, back back again!" Melanie winks.
"Fabulous. Up now, let's just call them the... Cloth Destroyers. It's Claudette and Sophie Srs!" Kong smiles.
"The Cloth Destroyers..." Sophie turns to Claudette. "You know what that means."
Sophie rips off the top half of her dress to showcase her lacey bra, whilst Claudette takes off her wig to reveal her signature bald look.
"We have very different ideas of what this means." Claudette laughs.
"Now, we're here to reveal the favourite Haus." Sophie smiles.
"The winning Haus is-" Claudette starts and Sophie rips her card from her hand, smiling.
"THE ROYAL HAUS!" She yells and hugs Claudette tightly.
"I... am shocked." Claudette smiles as the whole haus appears on stage with her. "Thank you for showing my art, and loving my family."
"Now, she's a bad, bad girl. It's Malaria!" Sophie smiles.
Malaria walks up in a mini dress. "Think all of ya'll dressed up far too much, and failed to look even CLOSE to as good as this." She winks. "Now, I'm here to talk Robbed. Not me winning with Heaven, but full on high-way robbery. Our robbed legend award goes to... Lepra Khan!"
Lepra Khan appears on stage with Verushka and Seondeok at his side.
"At least I won in the end." He winks.
"Now, on the topic of Polyamory... Here's someone in no way related to it! Presenting Gemini Moon and Dixie Normous!"
Gemini smiles. "I'm here to tell you all the winner of best season. Now, I am a bit biased... but... let's see.."
"Let's be honest... 9 is one of the most iconic!" Dixie laughs.
Gemini opens the card. "Season 4!"
The cast of season 4 all arrive on the stage, smiling.
"As the winner of season 4... THANK YOU!" Crystal smiles.
"Now, I hope you've enjoyed the Virtual Drag Race Awards..." Gemini smiles. "That's all, folks!"
"Hope you enjoyed the show!" Dixie winks.
My Award show Monarch's...
I've made some decisions.
Claudette, Prince Kong, Dixie Normous, Yasmeen Dupree, Heaven St Frostfur, Gemini Moon and Malaria.. you may all go to the back of the stage.
Claudette: "Now, I'm one of patience... but I am... a little bit... frustrated."
The rest of you represent the tops... and the bottoms of the week.
Starting with Sophie.
"Happy Days." Sophie smiles.
Sophie, you are such a charmer. You were funny, entertaining, sexy, flirty, comedic... and this look... wow. CLEAR Top Toot. Just honestly beyond gorgeous. It was beautiful.
"Thank you so much." Sophie grins.
The Ripper..
"Hello..." Ripper smiles.
Now Ripper, I think you are a really, really fierce Queen and last week you proved it. But this week... it was just flat. You fumbled lines..
"Very awkwardly so." Ripper nods.
I mean, thank god for Fatima, because you and C-$alt brought DOWN the room. I just... wasn't pleased with your performance this week.
"I see." Ripper nods.
Honey Soy Sickening...
"Pathy Tique was robbed." Honey Soy laughs.
Honey, you had a big task, hosting the show from the start... and you smashed it.
"Woohoo!" Honey Soy smiles.
Really fun, really campy, quirky, and just... Honey Soy. Well done.
"Ru." C-$alt smiles.
Now, I kinda covered this with Ripper, but you just... weren't fun. I didn't love it, and C-$alt... I know you can do this, so it was unfortunate.
"I'll be honest, I felt like working with Ripper was a bit of a challenge and threw me off my game. She's sickening, but when she messed up, I got tangled and..."
"Okay, let's cut the crap here." Ripper shakes her head. "We're grown, and we know that's not the tea. Both of us fucked up, and I will not be blamed for your mistakes."
"Now, I wasn't saying that, I was saying it was a distraction-"
"C-$alt, If you want to give that because you are frustrated in this competition-"
"Excuse me?" C-$alt shrugs. "I've been doing well, and fuck you for saying that i'm frustrated."
"You are though, and you've been complaining and.." The Ripper shrugs. "I don't think the conduct is appropriate."
C-$alt rolls her eyes. "I'll show you appropriate."
Moving on...
Fatima al-Abass.
Fatima smiles.
Fatima, it's been a few weeks of... eh. But this week, you shined!
"Finally!" Fatima laughs.
I really enjoyed what you did this week. You're an excellent host, and you are so, so charming. Hell, you had a Ru-Veal!
"I have multiple planned for tonight, pending..." Fatima winks.
I am just so happy to see you here, charming the crowd. Really well done.
"Thank you." Fatima smiles.
Finally, Crystal...
"Hiya!" Crystal smiles.
Crystal, tonight you... were just... a bit too much.
"Oh.." Crystal looks worried.
I love your charm and character, but this week I felt you were just... trying too hard, and it bombed.
"I was being me." Crystal looks worried.
I see, but it felt... sometimes, like not really? It was... Crystal being over the top, instead of Crystal being naturally Crystal.
"I see that..." Crystal looks awkwardly.
You've been performing really really well, and I can see you trying hard. But there's a line between trying hard... and being a try-hard.
"Yup..." Crystal nods.
I've made some decisions...
Crystal, you're safe.
"Thank you so much." Crystal wipes a tear.
Crystal Queerly Glass: "This was... scary. Intense, I didn't like that feeling..."
Unfortunately, that means C-$alt and The Ripper.. you are both up for elimination. You will have to prove yourself to the Top Monarch of the week.
The Ripper: "This is... a tough feeling. Being in the bottom two... and I can't lip sync for my life."
C-$alt: "I'm frustrated. Like, it was... ARGH." C-$alt exhales. "Gotta keep calm.."
Sophie Srs, well done this week. You're safe.
"Thank you!" Sophie smiles.
Sophie Srs: "Woohoo! Loving this journey... and I'm feeling good."
Honey Soy Sickening, my saucy Queen... you're safe.
Honey Soy Sickening: "So close to a win! But... this is still good." Honey Soy grabs a sandwich. "Victory treat." She says, a mouthful of pork.
Fatima al-Abass, this week, you showed us that you're one of the best of the best. Condragulations, you are the winner of this week's challenge, and will be lip syncing for your legacy against a lip sync Assassin.
Fatima grins. "You've made me so happy."
Fatima al-Abass: "I WON! Woohoooooooooooooo!"
You may now... deliberate.
"Well..." Dixie looks around. "That was.. an interesting process."
"I'm being honest when I say, Ripper- I didn't throw you under the bus." C-$alt turns. "I was just saying.."
"Ok, let's be honest." Yasmeen turns to C-$alt. "It felt like throwing under the bus."
"I mean, I get feeling frustrated." Claudette responds. "I didn't win this week, and I thought it was where i'd shine."
"Tell me about it." Kong laughs. "Like, that's my best skills. So...?" Kong shrugs. "What's a man to do."
"Don't have that mentality." Gemini looks at Kong. "It'll not do you well..."
"Well, it's like..." Kong exhales. "I try so damn hard, and.."
Malaria: "Oh god, the Kong's waterworks come again.."
"Can we talk business." Malaria raises her hand in the air. "Ripper. Stay. Why."
Kong rolls his eyes. "Okay, werk, don't let me speak."
"I'm the first, you know." Ripper shrugs. "I am a Black Man who is the original drag superstar. I have the skills and the brand to take this crown, and I know in my heart, I will be a great representative. I am loyal, I am fierce, and.. I'm a fair choice."
Gemini nods at Ripper.
Gemini Moon: "Now, Ripper's made some points. But, Ripper is also... someone who holds similar skills to myself. I wonder..."
"And C-$alt." Fatima waves her hand over.
"I'm fierce, I'm dedicated, and I'm someone who didn't come to the crown the first time around, but worked my way up, and did it WELL." C-$alt nods. "I've been doing well, and you can see that despite me not... having the track record reflected. I want to make my fam proud, and I want to prove that All Stars can do just as good as Main Season Winners."
"Thank you both, I appreciate the information..." Fatima al-Abass smiles. "Now... let's vote."
The Winners all Vote.
Gemini Moon chooses The Ripper. "The moment Ru said anonymous I knew this game is key to my game, and to my survival. I'm choosing you because you are fierce, and you are big competition."
Yasmeen Dupree chooses C-$alt. "It just... is your time, I feel, sis. I'm sorry."
Fatima al-Abass puts on an outfit that looks reminiscent of a metallic suit of armor, and then puts on a huge Burka on top.
Fatima al-Abass chooses the lipstick.
Welcome back, My Winners...
Fatima, are you ready to meet your lip sync assassin?
"Bring it on!" Fatima smiles.
The screen opens... and in a full robotic style suit, Emma Bott appears!
"Hello." Emma nods. "Fatima al-Abass. Season 7 Winner. Let's do this."
This is your chance to impress me to 'Titanium' by Sia,
Win FOURTY thousand dollars...
And give one of the bottom Monarch's THE CHOP.
Good Luck... and don't fuck it up.
Fatima al-Abass: "I'm ready to perform with a deep message. This song screams to me, it is power, it is being a warrior, it is... mine."
Who wins?
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Episode 4, "The Outer Space Ball" [POLL]

The girls return to the werk room after the elimination.
Not a word is uttered, as the contestants are too sad to speak after Kiwi's untimely departure. The girls walk over to the mirror, as if a horde of lifeless zombies, and read the fruity queen's final departing words.
The mirror reads, "Real eyes realize real lies. Be careful, things aren't always what they seem. This studio was the only place Wendy couldn't find me, and now I have to go. Far far away. Pray for me, I must make haste. Lightning speed. Kachow."
The girls tearfully read the message and nod solemnly. Erika wipes a tear from her eye. "She was such a blessing to us all. She was "in it tonighty, bitches gonna spite me / This ass so phat you can’t grip it tightly / Spell coconut make him wheeze that high G / Kiwi Von'Froot, Ka-chow like Lightning!"
The girls all tearfully scream the rest of the lyrics to Kiwi's iconic mantra in unison. Mournful wails of "Miss Appa is my ride! Take off to the skies!" Ring throughout the establishment. Finally, Rat grabs a bottle of Windex and gingerly wipes the message away.
"This is such a rough night for me." Slim begins. "Because not only did one of my best friends get sent home, but I was low! That was absolute bullshit. The challenge was to tell the judges about oneself, and I did! I'm not a bottom, I love sharpies, and I love to eat! I mean... Did I miss something?"
Ketty manages to glare at slim through teary eyes. "Our sister just went home, and you have the audacity to make this about yourself?!"
Slim scoffs. "What?! I said I was sad about Kiwi too. You people are constantly villanizing me."
"What do you mean you people?!" Rat retorts.
The girls all sit on the couch and join hands, glaring at Slim who stands and stares at them with indignation. They gaze back, their eyes burning with fury without abandon. Finally, Slim cracks. "You know what? I'm outta here." He storms out of the werk room.
"I can't believe him." Rat sighs, her shoulders beginning to lower. "It was a super hard decision, but at the end of the day Kiwi was the right choice."
"Oh yeah, about that..." Ketty says sheepishly. "I chose.... Ezidro's lipstick."
The girls gasp in indignation. Ezidro's head lowers as she stares at the ground. "Oh..." Is all she manages to get out.
"What was the reason?!" Erika yells. Ketty rolls her eyes. "Listen, I don't have to explain myself to anyone! I came here to win and leave my daughter with the FEDS, ow!"
"But why would you send Ezidro home?" Spencer asks. "She's literally bestie. Anyone who could do such a thing deserves death via lethal injection methinketh..."
"Because I wanted to!" Ketty spits. "I can eliminate whoever I want when I'm in the top, which I have been... TWICE. Three times if you count your talent show because in my mind I was the one who rapped that while you performed some HORRIBLE stand up number. Who knows who I'll eliminate next? Maybe even YOU!"
Spencer stands up to meet Ketty's level and stares her down. "Try it bitch. Because just like Demi's addiction, I always come back."
Talking Head: u/Spencerietta "Ketty says she wants to eliminate me, and that really made me mad because... How can I win if I'm eliminated? So I don't want that to happen. :) "
The dramatic music reaches a crescendo as Rat scampers over to a large feeder full of water and begins drinking from it rapidly.

🆂🅳🆁🅳🆁 ▅▀▅ █▄ █▄ ▄█▀ ▀█▀ ▅▀▅ █▀ ▄█▀TONIGHT, WITH JUDGES u/Grotesquette, u/KingKabs, u/Rupertonian, and u/VioletDior!


It's a new day in the werk room, and girls all walk in. No one has the energy to strike poses or make jokes or anything of the sort. They all shuffle on over to the tables.
"So girls..." Rat begins. "Do we still hate each other? Because I don't want things to be awkward between us."
"I don't hate any of you" Ezidro smiles. Last night was a wake-up call for me, and I'm feeling energized to do my best and make it all the way to the finish line."
Automoderator: In a galaxy far, far away... Six queens had to throw a legendary intergalactic ball for the Gawds! Your challenge this week is to throw a legendary intergalactic outer space ball for the Gods! Preparing three looks consisting of Astronaughty girl, C3P-H0, and Alien Freak realness! Be very careful to not fall out of orbit. Otherwise she'll be phoning home sooner than she would've liked. May the force be with you! Please come through Geronimo, you're my only hoe..."
The girls sit around the werk room sewing their looks. Suddenly, u/rupertonian walks in. The girls all look up at her smile and clap as he smirks “Bonjour beauties and gentlebeauties!”

u/Ezidro3, from the corner: “Oop, hide your kids!”

Ruppi goes up to SlimThiccSnacc.

Ruppi: Slimothy!

Slim: Hello, Miss Rupert.

Ruppi: Miss almost bottom, how are we doing?

Slim: Oof, that word gives me nightmares.

Ruppi laugh. “Well, last week you were saved from the bottom 2, but you were almost there. What are you gonna do this time to stick out?

Slim: Show, that I’m not bottom material. Periodt.

Ruppi stares at him blank faced.

Ruppi: I see you’ve got…a bodysuit? With feathers? Damn, you really said FAGGOT astronaut.

Slim: STRAGGOT, astronaut actually. I’m going a bit out the box and not going for the classic “Oh yeah, I’m a slutty astronaut route”

u/Ezidro3 squints his eyes and looks over at Rat.

Talking Head, u/DrownedHarassedRat: Whatever, girl. Read all you want, but at least our astronaut doesn’t look like it was taken off of a Dollar Tree, pride float.

Ruppi: Uh huh. Listen, with looks in a ball you want to not be so literal, but at the same time not be SO out of the box that you run away from the box all together.

Talking Head, u/slimthiccsnacc: Ruppi is a big deal in SDRDR fashion and runway, so having him say these things is making me second guess my look. But, no, I gotta stay firm and say “I do not see your concern and I don’t share them.”

Ruppi: See you out there.

Ruppi walks up to u/ErikaGenerika*.*

Erika: Oop, I’m in trouble.

Ruppi: Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about your stunt sister. But, what do you have here? I see SFX makeup and some…chicken wing looking appendage? Girl, what?

Erika: HATEFUL!!! I have a vision, don’t you worry. I know what I’m doing, just like I knew what I was doing when I sent Shasha home.

Ruppi’s eye twitches.

Ruppi: I also see that Rat and Slim are doing similar alien with the same color scheme and SFX how are you gonna stand out from them?

Erika: Well, I know mine’s gonna be more fashion forward, and beautiful. Rat’s will be more horror esque, and Slim’s? Well let’s just say one queen’s trash is gonna be another queen’s trash as well.
Talking Head, u/ErikaGenerika: Girl, I look over to Slim's work station and I can see that his alien runway is the exact same club kid runway I wore on Season 5. Well, I guess imitation is the best form of flattery. Monkey see monkey do.

Ruppi: Alright, well break a leg sis . I can’t wait to see you walk the runway!

Ruppi slides over next to Ezidro.

Ruppi: SAFE SAFE BOTTOM2, and saved by the skin of your vulva, or whatever the saying is.

Ezidro: Don’t worry, I intend on not falling into the bottom again.

Ruppi: I’ll hold you to that. What do you have here, a simple astronaut suit. How are you gonna make that stand out?

Ezidro: I'm gonna take a really fun and campy approach to each of the categories. I want the looks to reflect my personal perspective on drag, which I feel like I haven't been delivering as well as I would've liked to so far.
Ruppi: Now, I know you've struggled with your confidence in this competition, especially when you were in the bottom last week.
Ezidro: Yeah, I was so confident in my verse and I was shocked to land in the bottom. It made me question everything up until that point. But I know I need to believe in myself and that I don't want the bottom to define me anymore.
Talking Head: u/Ezidro3, "I've struggled with my self confidence for awhile now. And it's always been my biggest weakness. I'm generally good at hiding it, but that bottom placement really shattered the veil for me, so to speak. So it's time to stare back at myself in the mirror, and tell myself that I have what it takes.
Ruppi: Even if you were in the bottom last week, the judges and I haven't given up on you. We want you to go all the way. We're all rooting for you! But ultimately, you're the one who decides that. Not us. I need you to remember that the next time you get down on yourself.
Ezidro: Yeah, thanks. I needed that!

Ruppi: Alright, well get back to work!

Ketty looks over at Ezidro and smiles to herself.
Talking Head: u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend: "Well, Ezidro's little heart to heart was.... Cute. But unfortunately she's still no match for me and my magnum pussy. My competitors fail to realize the full magnitude of my pussy, until it's too late and they're burning in the ashes of their SHAME and HUMILIATION!!!"
Dramatic music crescendos as Ketty sits at her sewing machine while roaring with laughter. The other contestants look at her in confusion.
Lights... Cameras.... Action!!!
u/Grotesquette struts the runway in her runway look.
u/Grotesquette: Welcome to the mainstage of SDRDR All Stars 3! Rupertonian, excited for The Space Ball?
u/Rupertonian: I'm always excited for balls!
Grotesquette cackles
u/Grotesquette: KingKabs, how are you doing tonight?
u/KingKabs: I'm about to sit through two hours of boring ass Pinterest looks, so not good, to put it nicely.
u/Grotesquette: Good to hear! And VioletDior, here on the Spoiled Drag Race Drag Race mainstage!
u/VioletDior: Spoiled? Did you just say spoiled?! Please guys, PLEASE don't spoil the finale for me!
u/Grotesquette: Oops, sorry. And finally, Tonight's special guest judge is an international icon who we all adore and miss. Robbed legend u/TravisPaytas!
u/TravisPaytas: Robbed TWICE bitch get it right!!! ✌️✌️✌️🤬🤬🤬
Ever since the toxic season known as AS2 ended. I have been on a tour around the world. I've visited places Notre Dame, London bridge, Paris and a few Schools in America. To really broadcast my message for the Islamic caliphate freedom. Thank you so much for having me.
It's such an honour being on the judging panel with the likes of the hiLaRiOuS u/violetdior. This really is a panel with my "peers". 💜💜💜💜💜
u/Grotesquette: Tonight, I challenged my girls to throw an Intergalactic Space Ball! Each queen will serve us three looks on the runway: Astronaughty Space Girl elaganza, C3P-H0 Femme Bot realness, and finally Alien Freak couture! All-Stars, start your engines! And may the best woman... Win!!!


Grotesquette: First up, u/Ezidro3!

  1. I am serving sexy space warrior with this delectable spacesuit. I am feeling my oats even if I can barely breathe in this Sandy Cheeks helmet. 500 dollar breastplate sponsored by the one and only Jeffree- I mean India Ferrah!
  2. This look is a vision of the future drag career of X Æ A-12. My waist is tiny and my wires are long and hard. Who said robots can't wear dresses?
  3. Look who's back!!! This horrifying SFX look is an upgraded version of my infamous naked mole rat runway from the S4 Sex Ball. I used to be a naked mole rat, now I'm a clothed mole rat.
Grotesquette: Up next, u/ErikaGenerika!

  1. For this ball, I am giving it my ALL. After being shunned away from the public after Shasha’s elimination, I decided….fuck Earth!!! So, I became a chic and fashionable astronaughty girl. Honestly, I don’t think this outfit protects me from space at all, but like….who cares??
  2. This look here is EXCELLENCE mama, perry ate a yacht. I wanted something very Shea Coulee Club Kid, very artpop, very steampunk robot. I may not be your typical fembot, but that’s okay. I guess I’m just qUirKY.
  3. Here I am FREAK THE FREAKING OUT Victorious-style with my own freaky, alien look. I didn’t wanna go TOO weird, so I still maintain a girlish figure while being a nasty alien. Honestly, it teaches a good lesson in the real world: if you’re ugly, at least have a good silhouette.
Grotesquette: Up, next, u/Ezidro3!

  1. Hey boys, are you thirsty for a sip? Well sit back and relax, I’ll pass you something to drink! I’m serving you Nuka-Cola spokeswoman realness, but obviously prettier, sexier, and sluttier. Now while y’all stare at this beauty and booty, I gotta head to my date with my hot alien stud. See ya!
  2. I’m here and ready for service! I am so thin and light that I can just squeeze into any tight place you got! Plastered all around my body are my sponsors, so that’s how you know I got that good good money. I ’ve got experience, so buckle up for the ride, boy!
  3. Greeting earthlings, I cum in peace! Me and my friend here saw that your fashion here on Earth was, let’s face it, trash, so we decided to pop in for a bit and elevate your taste, sweatys. I am colourful, fabulous, and yes, we both called you ugly
Grotesquette: Up next, u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend!

  1. Call my astronaughty girl a soda pop because I'm bubbling bitch. This is fashion. I'm preparing for my trip to Penus, UrAnus and beyond
  2. Look at me I'm a robot beet beet boo zap zap bitch haha yes For my Fembot runway I'm giving you a piece of pure, metalic SEX. This robot is completely naked and ready to party and play. I'VE-GOT.... SOME-NEWS-FOR-YOU. KET-BOTS.... HAVE-FEELINGS-TOO
  3. For my alien runway I'm serving... Well alien. I look like a creature from the planet ketron and my body is out of this world yes gawd!
Grotesquette: Next up, u/slimthiccsnacc!

  1. Bitch! I’ve arrived. I am ruling the galaxy beyond e*rth and venturing in my armoured attire to protect me from any spooky dooky alien titty freaks... Boo! Don’t worry, the bumps on my armour is my metallic skin, side effects of my STD, thanks Kabs!
  2. It’s 1000yrs into the future, we are past the need for Earth... Life... Xtina. As I continue to valve into the depths of space, I have gradually became a r obot mechanically engineered to suffice in world where men thankfully no longer exist. I walk the runway serving femmebot realness, with the twins. Shhh! Don’t be too loud, don’t wanna wake the babybots in me... and that’s not the only thing that’s been in me.
  3. And the baby is born! I am the evolved mother of Planet Sliminova ready to take over the competition and win what is mine. So tall, so poised, look at this skinny legend as I strut the runway with my accentuated hips and shoulders. A coat of thorns follows behind me ready to cut and dice these mutants out of the competition one by one.
Grotesquette: Up next, u/Spencerietta!

  1. I’m Spencerietta, an astronaut living on the gorgeous planet of Oomftopia. The planet lived in harmony until an infamous robbery divided the nation, and we now live under fear of a nuclear bomb attack from our neighboring planet, JanQueida. It is now my job to stop Jan in her tracks and save Oomftopia from total destruction.
  2. What’s up, bitch? I’m Spencie’s robot bestie, Gigi the Robot. Did I mention I’m a robot? I’ve been assigned a very important mission to use my special robot privilege to sneak this bomb onto the spaceship of JanQueida’s leader to stop her from destroying our beloved planet!
  3. I'm JANVID-19, the physical embodiment of disgust and fear that leads the alien planet of JanQueida. Our tribe used to live peacefully on Oomftopia until Gigi the Robot ROBBED me blind! Now, 🎶 I wanna rule the world 🎶 and I am hell bent on getting my revenge.

🎶 Battle for your Life, Babylon

Grotesquette: Welcome All Stars. Tonight, no one is safe. Tonight, all six of you represent the tops and bottoms of the week. Starting with, u/DrownedHarassedRat!
Violet: Tonight.... I’ll be honest, I didn’t like any of your looks. Your alien relied on comedy that ultimately didn’t work, and your robot.... wasn’t fashion or comedy in the slightest? In this competition you have alternated between doing incredibly with clear effort and missing the mark, and sadly tonight was another case of missing the mark. I’ve seen you produce better looks than this before, so I know you can produce them in the future.
Ruppi: Oh, Rat... You went for the basic “I’m a cute astronaut and slutty” look without any story. It’s just pedestrian, and it’s what’s expected. Knowing your creativity, I expected so much more in terms of astronaut. Your robot however, oh my god, high drag at it’s finest. Maybe not the best looking in terms of fashion, but a robot in a dress like that it’s just so fun and I wish you’d taken this direction for your astronaut look as well. NOW, whew. When you stepped out, I gasped. Sadly, the gasp then slowly turned into, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT.” Your ability to portray horror is incredible, but that’s all it was. Where was the fashion? It was just “Oh yeah scary monster rawr grr” and it would look great as an extra for a Star Trek film done off broadway, but the fashion aspect of it was just REALLY lacking, and I think that’s what you missed tonight.
Grotesquette: Moving onto u/ErikaGenerika!
KingKabs: Your ball looks tonight were, well...cute!
Your first look is such a serve I was genuinely taken in by the look in addition to the runway commentary that made me want to to snap the neck of a baby giraffe from PSTD Has anyone seen u/-_-whodat btw?
2nd look gives me a fashionable steam punk cyborg but it doesn't quite hit the mark for me on account of the dress element that works against the fantasy of 'this is a robotic inspired look' but I see the vision I just wish it had been less busy and I still like it.
Oh my God your Sasha Velour LSFTC top 2 look 3rd look is quite the serve. I do wish your runway commentary reflected more of a story but I enjoy the visual grab of your look ultimately.
Overall tonight you were just...fine.
Violet: Tonight I think you did well - I enjoyed your astronaughty and alien looks. However your robot.... To me, it felt kind of like if someone made Shea’s s9 club kid look but lazily and with a lower budget. I didn’t get any robot from it. That being said, your other two looks are great and redeem it for me so I am satisfied with what you’ve produced this week.
Up next, u/Ezidro3!
Ruppi: When I say I’m genuinely so proud of you, believe it, because This was YOUR night (Stream Chaka Khan on Spotify). The first look, oh my god, one of the best things I’ve seen on SDRDR. It was just SO camp and so good. If you don’t sell Miss Nuka Cola merch, bitch I will. It was just so vintage and pinup and yet so camp and still maintained fashion. You did something basic and elevated it SO much, and it was incredible. Your robot tonight. BITCH. I knew when I talked to you you said show the judges what each of them like. That overly sexualized robot with an ass that padded, that was just SHEER perfection, and I’m so happy. Your alien was just the cherry on top of the cake. The color scheme, the fashion and the SFX. Most of the girls went one way or the other for their look, but the reason YOU are here and not them is that you had camp, fashion, sex, and an attention to detail. This is probably the best night you’ve had in this competition and I’m so proud to see it.
KingKabs: Tonight on the runway I'd say this was one of the most effortless knockouts we've seen in ball performances for SDRDR. The overarching theme of your ball looks and commentary was so audacious. You knew exactly what you were doing with this ball and maintained that intent through each look. You begin with giving us gamer girl astrHOEnaut and toot for the Fallout reference. Your hoe-bot was giving me very video vixen very scandalous magazine photoshoot angle. Then you turned out the final look and gave us a very power rangers villain fashionista alien and I really am a proud mother tonight!
Travis: Ezidro these looks are all stunning. I absolutely loved your space look. The Fallout reference was ingenious and really appealing to me as a fan of the franchise. Your robot look is totally unique from what we have ever seen from you before. It was mesmerising and then.Your final look your Alien one is by far my favourite for the category. It is something I wouldn't expect from you. You are not exactly known as a runway queen but after tonight and these looks you might. I am so happy to finally see the BTM bitch on top. Only took 3 seasons and 9 episodes. Congrats!!!!!
She's everybody's best friend, u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend!
Grotesquette: You just keep hitting it out of the park. Your ball looks were incredibly strong, and the attention to detail you exhibited is very apparent. Your robot look is absolutely stunning, and I loved everything about it. Definitely my favorite look of the three. The alien was campy yet draggy and fashion, and I appreciate how you cinched the waist. I didn’t love your astronaut look because I feel like we’ve seen it before, but still it isn’t a bad look. Overall, I’m very happy with what you’ve shown us tonight.
Ruppi: Miss Ketamine. When you walked out on the runway in that astronaut look, I was like. “Well, it’s cute.” But it’s a look that you see a lot, so knowing you, I did expect you to go REALLY out the box. It’s very classic take of “astronaut without making it literal”, and it’s almost boring and pedestrian. However, your robot was so gorgeous. Again, silver is the go to for robot, but dear god never stop saying Beep boop zap ahaha bitch. Your robot was beautiful, obvious but so well done. Your alien, oh my god, I think this is your best look tonight. The body looks right, I loved that even as an alien you’re cinched for the GODS, and the look is just pure “Alien that hungers for destruction” It’s simple, it’s elegant and just I can’t stop looking at you. Overall, great job tonight, you are keeping a momentum with this competition.
Up next, u/slimthiccsnacc!
Travis: Slim, these aren't my favorite looks tonights.
Slim: Well they're mine!
Travis: Slim, do you think of yourself as a fashion queen?
Slim: Yes.
Travis: Well you shouldn't. The space looks was boring,plain and simplistic there was nothing to it. It seemed more like a spare look you had rather than a specific space one. Your robot look was hideous it was not the one. Compared to other people's it looked mediocre. Finally, the alien look.
I would have loved it if I hadn't seen it before on S5 worn by Erika. Did you read the other seasons or were you just bothered with your own? This is a very recognisable look I don't understand how you wouldn't have realised. Overall, a very disappointing night for you when we still waiting on you for a win. The commentary on the looks were pretty good. That is the single positive out of all this.
Grotesquette: I think Travis is exaggerating a tad. Tonight, there were things I liked about your presentation, but there were also several things I would’ve changed. I don’t think your astronaut look really seemed like an astronaut look at all, it read as more generally futuristic, and even then I wasn’t really into it. There’s a lot going on with your robot look, but I still enjoyed it because you had a strong concept and executed it. Your alien freak runway has been worn before by a contestant on this stage which slightly impeded my reception to the look. Tonight I don’t think you did terribly, but each of your runway had certain aspects that I think unfortunately hindered your overall performance, especially when discussing your astro-naughty girl look.
Next up, u/Spencerietta!
Violet: As soon as I saw that astronaughty runway, I knew you were going to annihilate tonight. And you completely did. Everything was flawless, from the silhouettes to the colour schemes to the commentary. This was a great night for you, and I’m amazed at the standard of looks you produced. Keep it up!
Travis: Spencie, may I call you Jiggly bestie?
Spencer: Sure!!! :)
Travis: These ball looks were a serve. Your 3 looks were so campy and the running commentary. Which followed through on all 3 looks. Really added to them because without it. The looks could be perceived to be kind of basic and simplistic but you were able to add your brand and personality to them all. Which really worked in your favor your alien one really made me laugh. Amazing job this week you are really killing this season well done.
Grotesquette: Tonight I honestly didn’t know what to expect from you, but you completely blew the challenge out of the water. I was afraid you would overthink things too much but your runways were all extremely enjoyable. Your astronaut runway look was insanely polished and editorial, I gasped when you came out on that mainstage. And your alien freak look was truly an abomination. Drag is about changing minds, and boy have you radicalized me against Jan! Tonight you impressed the judges immensely.
Grotesquette: Thank you ladies. Now, based on the judges' critiques, I have made some decisions.



You are the top 2 All Stars of the week.


Great job tonight. You are safe.


You're also safe.

This means



You are in the bottom 2.

u/Spencerietta and u/Ezidro3, each of you need to decide which of the bottom two you will eliminate if you win the lipsync. So, while you queens deliberate in the werkroom, the judges and I will be... Ussying and Gussying our pussies.


Who should win the lipsync? Vote here! Voting closes soon.

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Season 6 Speculation

Some questions we want answered. 1. Why did the syndicate want to rebuild Ash? They've got a rouge Revy in their hands. Putting him in the games would only distract him for a while. They'd need a permanent solution. Destroy the source code or "fix" it. Why did the syndicate make Loba find Ash before giving her the location of the source code? My theory: So the syndicate can study Ash and use their findings to "fix" Revenant. Now they've got 2 loyal killing machines for their use.
  1. Is "this" Ash the exact same one from TF2? There is an Ash in "this" dimension too. She was killed by Cooper. Why not rebuild the one Cooper killed? My theory: Remember that Ash has phase shifting powers? I believe that when she "died" she phased to a different dimension. Probably a security measure like how Revy's source code relocated to Psamathe. The head phased to Dimension B while her body stayed in Dimension A. If you replay the "Ashes to ashes" mission again, you'd notice that we're in Dimension A King's Canyon. (No skulltown in the map). We didn't excavate Ash's body in Dimension B. Therefore, I conclude that this is the same Ash from TF2.
  2. What happens next? Loba and Revy get to the source code. They try to destroy it. Revy tries to kill Loba. Loba goes "hwat?" Blisk shows up. "Hewwo UWU" he says. "Twenk u fo bean a gud gerl. U did me derty werk" "Now with the help from Hammond Robotics, I have 2 ass-clapping killer Robots." Then the s6 mission starts. It's how to destroy the syndicate or sumthin' I didn't theorize that far.
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Recentelijk begonnen, nog tips of dingen die ik over het hoofd zie?

Hi all,
Ik was al een aantal jaar bekent met FIRE, maar ik was nog een arme student dus ik kon nog niet optimaal gaan sparen omdat ik ook nog geen degelijke bron van inkomen had (had wel bijbaantjes).
Nu ben ik recentelijk begonnen met het alloceren van mijn vermogen aan ETF's en heb ik een emergency fund opgebouwd. Ik vroeg me alleen af of ik niet te veel spaate weinig beleg. Ik ben net 27 en als ik mijn traineeship niet mee tel begin ik per 1 juli 2020 daadwerkelijk aan mijn carriere (vast contract). Ik heb geen partnekinderen of dergelijke. Mijn vermogen is misschien laag, maar ik ben pas sinds juni 2019 afgestuurd (geen studieschuld).
Inkomen Netto 2500 p/m. Daarnaast krijg ik 13e maand en vakantiegeld. De doorgroei mogelijkheden maken het mogelijk dat ik binnen 2 jaar richting de 3100 p/m netto zit. Deze mogelijkheden zijn ook zeer realistisch. Tevens is uitstromen naar een andere afdeling iets waar ik al mee bezig ben en waar mijn werkgever mij ook uitermate in ondersteund om te realiseren. Waarschijnlijk duurt dit zo'n 4-5 jaar, maar mocht ik dit realiseren dan spring ik al gauw naar de 4000 netto (jaarlijkse salarisstijging niet meegenomen). Ik verwacht dus wel nog aanzienlijk salarisgroei op dit moment.
Vaste lasten (totaal 1124)
Hoe 'groot' moet mijn spaarbuffer zijn gezien mijn geschetste uitgaven? Ik vraag mij soms af of ik niet te veel vermogen spaar i.p.v. beleg. Ik spaar momenteel rond de 600 euro (lang leve Corona en de kostenbesparing die dit met zich mee brengt). Daarnaast leg ik 200-300 euro per maand in op mijn beleggingsrekening en koop ik maandelijks NT World en EM. Ik zie mezelf de komende 3 jaar ook nog geen huis of dergelijke kopen.
Ik zou daarnaast graag 5% van mijn vermogen vrij willen maken voor een AI/Robotics ETF voor de lange termijn. Na wat vergelijken kwam ik uit op de Xtrackers MSCI World Information Technology. Ik zag namelijk dat ROBO en RBOT redelijk underperformen t.o.v. de World Index. Echter, is de Xtrackers MSCI World IT de juiste keuze als ik specifieke Robotics/AI zoek? Daarnaast ook gezien het feit dat ik eigenlijk alleen NT koop en weet dat ik daarmee dividendlek en kosten optimaal beperk.
Als men nog meer informatie nodig heeft hoor ik het graag. Mochten jullie verbeterpunten of aanvullingen hebben op mijn 'aanpak' dan hoor ik dit graag.
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Terror Twins / Youngblood

Jessie "Jess" and Zofia "Soph" Blazkowicz - The Terror Twins

The twin daughters of William "B.J." Blazkowicz, the man who killed Adolf Hitler. Years after the liberation of America, William suddenly disappears leaving their family without a word. After learning of rumors of their father causing chaos in Nazi occupied Paris, the Twins set out to find him. Equipping themselves with power armor reverse engineered from Nazi designs, the Twins make contact with the Paris resistance and help them take back their city during their search for their father. In the process of slaughtering Nazis all over the city, they quickly earn the title of "The Terror Twins".

Power Suit

Armor Descriptions






Handgranate (Grenade)
Pistole (Basic Pistol)
Maschinenpistole (Machine Pistol)
Blitzgewehr (SMG)
Sturmgewehr (Assault Rifle)
Kugelgewehr (Shotgun)


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S5 Week 10 | The Finale (Top 3 Interviews: Cherry, Kandy, Komik)

Please welcome our Top 3 one last time! Our esteemed judges (and frog!) sit down with them for their final interviews.


Memorie: Pop it, lock it, drink it, please welcome.... Cherry Mikado! How are you miss furby empress??
Cherry Mikado: HELLO! I'm almost in comatose condition! Jk, I'm not, but I'm sure it feels like this. And how are you, baby frog?
M: :nya: i'm good, a bit sleepless from juggling too many things at once, maybe we can inject sleep directly into our bloodstream after all this is over jk So.... the end of the road, we've made it! How do you feel about reaching top 3? Were you expecting it or did you have doubts along the way you could go home?
CM:We should have a large sleepover after this, LMAO Oh, I can say that I didn't expect it in the beginning of the season. Not like I thought that I didn't have enough skill to be in top 3... I just have a rare talent of fucking up things I'm allegedly good at, and given that competition format has eliminations, I was kinda worried that I can fuck up midway through the season and go home unexpectedly. It kinda almost happened, so yeah, I definitely had my doubts almost every week, haha
M: But you did pull through miss, congrats! What would you say were your highest points in the comp? Like moments that'll stay with you
CM: My highest point was when that fat bitch Faede finally quit and stopped bullying me! Just kidding, she never stopped... My highest points were first three weeks and last two, because I was producing something I really like and receiving positive feedback for it, it was really nice. My favorite look is definitely toxic week, because I went all the way through, tried new rendering and materials and, most importantly, had enough time to edit it (because we had two weeks instead of one, haha)
M: Look at that! It's no wonder you produced your best work if you were really enjoying it, I think people respond to that, I bet your toxins look will be on people's minds when they think of season five. Do you ever have difficulty adapting new techniques and other stuff you learn to your style?
CM: Usually no, I just download a bunch of references and try to stylize the new material/technique to make it look cohesive with my style. But a few times I definitely had my problems, like materials looking nothing like they should. Great example - velvet week (rendering challenge, mind you) when I was forced to work in another, much less familiar drawing program... And it kinda didn't work out for me, ahaha, it didn't look like velvet at all. Yea, that's what I mean when I say that I can fail at things I'm supposedly good at.
M: Yeah it is a learning curve, specially with new software, sometimes stuff isn't as intuitive as what we're used to. But besides digital, do you work on other mediums or would you be interested in trying other art mediums in the future?
CM: Yes! Going back to that velvet week, I thought that I would be lipsyncing, but battery of my digital tablet died. So in order to make my lipsync ready in time I had to grab color pencils and redraw it in traditional. It was surprisingly very amusing process. It was so fun that the whole entirety of fun week I was doing traditional only. So yes, I definitely enjoy another mediums too, and I want to try more in future. I used to draw with markers 5 years ago, maybe I should revisit them soon? 👀
M: 👀👀👀 Very excited for these future prospects! Season 5 bled a bit into back to school season, did you strike the right balance with real life or are you as stressed abt deadlines as I am? ksakfdasnf
CM: NO, NO BALANCE AT ALL! I had to skip classes a few times in order to finish the looks and I was constantly in a hurry and almost submitted late. So between MPAR, school and healthy sleep... Dare I say, no balance.
M: adnasfn FUCK, that's me right now, baby! either sleep or class no inbetween. But you're studying in a field of Science ™️ right? You and Her did this thing in your Ball looks that I absolutely love that is uniting drag and scientific references that just breaks the wall between the arts and the sciences, what's your approach for including your field or things you love about it in your looks?
CM: Yes, as I've mentioned during my ball, I study ecological biotechnology. I am fond of biology, chemistry and many other things. Science and science fiction are big inspirations for my paper drag, even though I haven't demonstrated it so much in the past. One more reason why I loved toxic week so much is that because it's related to chemistry and biology. It made my work much easier compared to when I have to draw something I'm unfamiliar with (like...noir) My approach is either to pick from science something that looks really cool and naturally incorporate it into my look (like I did for my future eleganza) or pick some interesting concept and try to reimagine it trough my art.
M: Which there are A LOT in science fields that aren't public knowledge, right? Like chemical reactions and how stuff works and where does x work it just opens another world of inspiration. But speaking of inspirations............... I want to talk to you... about........ Seizure
CM: Oh god
M: Curious minds want to know, what's the deal with the furbies! Jk but like what is it about them robot friends that just appeals to everything Cherry?
CM: Honestly, I still have no idea, what's the deal with furbies! I just unexpectedly set a trend (because I'm who? right, trendsetter of the year), even though I don't have a furby of my own! I think the main thing that attracts me in furbies is that they are so cursed, you know? They're weird, cute and creepy at the same time. The same I can say about Cherry, LMAO, she can relate
M: But contrary to popular belief, you will not be able to make pie out of furbies! Now miss Mikado, our time on the clock is almost up but I hope we see you around for time to come! And so it is time, to ask a question... the question... Miss cherry-o-bomb, why should you be crowned winner of Ms Paint's Art Race season Five?
CM: I believe, that I should be winner of season five, because I bring unique technique and fashion perspective in this community. Even though I often doubt myself, I think that each of my drawings is a little artpiece and I'm very proud of the work that I've produced during the season. But I don't rely just on my technique. I believe, that I've shown myself as capable and versatile designer with strong concepts and inspiration. Cherry is showing more alternative, weird and a bit infantile side of drag, and I think I was able to express her personality through fashion. Sure, sometimes she's swallowed up by her big bulky silhouette, she can't pick the right shoes, doesn't wanna show a lot of her body and walks the runway with painful face expression, but I believe, that it's something that makes her unique. Also, if we're not speaking about personalities of imaginary characters, I think I should win because of my run during the season. I don't wanna to pull out my stats, but I think it's no secret to anyone that I mostly took top placements and even won three times. Despite a few slip ups, I think I did a great job during this season, and I have shown that I deserve this spot I'm currently in.
M: A heart of gold and an equally shiny portfolio! I'm so proud of what this top 3 has accomplished and so glad to have you here having reached this moment 💙 Do you have any parting words for our audience?
CM: I LOVE YOU ALL BITCHESSS!!!! Honestly, despite all that "paper drag is toxic" and insta drama, this community brought me a lot of friends and positive experiences. I wanna thank everyone who supported, liked, commented and shared my looks, and also to people who were rooting for me all the way through the season. You can't imagine how much I appreciate this. My final message forevery one who reads this: be nice to each other, support your favorite artists, don't drag artists that you don't like. Spread love, create queer art. Sleep well. Drink water. Commission @ferrxion on instagram.
M: Her love tastes like Cherry pie! thank you so much for your time miss, Cherry Mikado everyone! 🍒


Gretel: Hello hello hello Kandy, how are you doing ? How are you FEELING
Kandy: I'm doing okay!! I'm pretty excited for the finale. Can't wait to see what kind of performances my season 5 sisters come out with!
G: Absolutely mama , are you so ready for the finale ? It’s been a long ride and this is the final HYUYUYUYUYU turn werk serve .
K: I'm very ready lol hoping that I don't get too overshadowed by cherry and komik lmaoo
G: I think you have shown a very particular and fun point of view all season long and I expect nothing but Sweet sweet Kandy for the finale. Tell me what has been your favorite part of this season?
K: I have really enjoyed the challenges this season, they were all very well thought out. A lot of planning goes into mpar and I think you could def feel the team's effort to be challenging, but not impossible. It was fun every week
G: It really takes a gay village mama. That is very very good to hear because once it’s not fun it’s like-We’ve failed at the most important thing , yeah? You feel ?wig? When did you KNOW you’d be a top 3 bitch? Which, congratulations!you did it baby!
K: I def get what you mean lol. I am honestly so surprised I'm in the top 3 to be honest, never ever thought I'd go all the way to the end of the comp. Especially going up against such good artists? No mama. Not me. But here I am lol I always had a kind of joke goal of "just make top 3 and you're good" I think when I won velvet week I really started to feel like I had a chance lol
G: It’s a lot of perseverance and growth and stamina you gotta have to stick it out to the end and I think you did wonderfully , I saw you adapting and applying critiques while still staying true to your VISION and for that- I say werk bitch. Your joke goal is now a serious reality and I’m very second hand proud of you. Do you have any advice for someone who would one day like to make it to the final top 3 ?
K: Honestly the best advice I have is to just stick to it. If you want it, you're gonna have to work. It's gonna be tough sometimes but just hang in as long as you can. Just do the best you can, that's all anyone can ask from you. Try your best to have fun with it. People will respond positively if they can see the passion and personality in your work
G: Words to live by , I think we both experienced a similar situation(competing on mpar) but having fun with it and keeping it passionate and truly you are great words to slay by.
We sound like a Barbie commercial but truly
Be who you wanna be,doodle Girl
I knew from the moment I saw your couch that you were gonna be a lot of fun
Now , I get to ask you that hard hitting question- are you ready?
K: Very!
G: ... If I back it up-
is it fat enough?
K: Oh it is for sure fat enough mama lol
G: If you thoroughly enjoyed it from the front you absolutely need to check it out from the back.
...but why should you , Kandy Elizabeth Shuckleford the third, be crowned the winner of Miss Paints Art Race?
K: I think I should win this season because I've grown so much as an artist, and I think that shows. I've taken every piece of advice and critique and applied it to my next look. I know I didn't do too well throughout the season but I 100% tried my hardest. Coming into this competition I wanted to keep Kandy as "Kandy" as I could, after losing my personality in ds, and I think that is another goal I achieved. I think I deserve the crown because I came into this competition and proved a point. MPAR is this big scary comp to some smaller queens, and I've heard people who don't believe they're good enough to get on. I've proved that you don't necessarily need to have super polished art or be well versed in fashion to do...okay..in the comp. I deserve the crown because I'm the one that no one expected to be here, but here I am!! I've made it this far with pure will power, passion, and love for this contest and community.
G: I think that is incredibly admirable and You are 100% not the underdog in my eyes but instead the unexpected and flavorful surprise we were treated to this season.
Not only have you proven your worth to yourself but I appreciate all the color and joy you’ve brought to this season of mpar.
You’ve been full of hard work and perseverance and I bow to you Queen Kandy - Is there anything you’d like to say before we say GOODBYE
K: I just want to say thank you to everyone who supported me through this journey, and I hope any "fans" I got along the way stay with me as I transition back to mostly just comic art. I've loved my mpar experience and everything has been so positive, couldn't have asked for a better competition setting.
Thank you everyone for all the love and support, it has honestly meant the world to me. 💛
G: We love you and all you’ve brought here and shared with us ❤️


Ms. Vicky Pickles: Salutations, Ms. Sans! How the heck are you feeling right now?
Komik Sans: Olá! my little piece of sunshine. I'm very excited, to be real, and how are you?
MVP: Amazing. Real is what you feel, after all. I am fantastic, can't believe I survived my first season judging and excited to crown a winner tonight. But enough about me - let's talk about you. You told us about how you first found the competition in your tic tac lunch, but has anything changed while you've been working on your finale? Now that you have truly made top 3 and the crown is so close, how are you feeling so close to the end?
KS: You did very well judging and serving the T, all the criticisms were important for me to reach the top3 and show the best side of my art, so Obrigado!
MVP: I feel that some things have changed and some have remained, being in the final with two very strong girls made me step my pussy up and raise my drag, . Being so close to the final I can already feel the crown on my head, it is very heavy but I get used to it.
This is one of the tightest top 3s I've seen in the history of MPAR. I think the level of improvement across the board has been a testament to that. You've really come a long way with us, especially as a newbie to the community. Was there ever a time where you asked yourself "what the fuck am I doing here?"
KS: Even as a newbie, I didn't have a moment to question that. Of course, at my bottom I was really shaken and a little out of place, but bitch I'm a Capricorn, my competitive spirit doesn't disappoint me.
MVP: Hahah I love that. It sounds like the pace kept you too busy to doubt yourself. Has your competitive spirit helped you or hindered you this season, Ms Capricorn?
KS: I can say that competitive spirit is a double-edged sword. I was almost always excited for each week, to create the concept and render something different, when i saw the challenge list, i swear I managed to imagine myself winning all of them (it wasn't like that, and I felt frustrated when I didn't win) but it wouldn't be boring competition if only one person won? That's it, give me a competitor please, actually give me twelve and I will eliminate all hahaha
MVP: I feel that! You always feel like you have it in the bag when you hit submit and then when the album comes out... not so much. You are representing a large fanbase within the paper drag community - Brazil. We've seen quite a bit of your heritage come through in your looks, the velvet lily comes especially to mind. What else has inspired you through the competition? Where does Komik come from?
KS: It's funny because Komik was born as a drag and only then became a paper drag (after giving my drag queen a break). So before the show I did a personality study to create it, inspired by Brazilian culture, glamorous fashion, graphic design, cartoons and ... theater, because komik is a great storyteller and very performative.
MVP: Komik used to be a queen IRL?? Amazing! I can definitely tell that Komik has a life behind her and I think that is what has propelled you to top 3. Congdragulations. Speaking of which, we're almost about to announce the winner of the Season 5 crown. Why should it be you?
KS: I believe that during the season I was able to show all the CUNT and professionalism that Komik has. I like to see my trajectory in the competition as a book that takes you everywhere in a pleasant way, with striking looks like my velvet look and time ball, I also won the two challenges that required more than just a look showing the versatility between the lines, besides being among the winning team in the roller derby week because a good story always has its crossover. In the final I just want one more chance to prove to everyone, including me, that she has evolved enough to have a happy ending because every princess need a crown, right?
MVP: Well Komik, what can I say to that other than amen? You've had a strong run this entire season and came out of the wood work with guns blazing. Your confidence has pushed you to the top and I'm excited to see if it takes you all the way. Let's see if the crown gets reunited with her princess. In our final moments together, Komik, is there anything you'd like to promote? What are some other projects you're working on that we need to see?
KS: Throughout the season I worked simultaneously on children's book illustrations with a local writer, the children need to eat and I will feed them! But it is not a personal project that I was able to put my soul into, so by the end of the year I intend to launch a collective financing of my first comic written by me, without further details but stay tuned on my instagram @joseffersson.
MVP: Amazing! Do I smell a Kandy/Komik childrens book collab on the horizon? Thank you so much for all your hard work this season, Komik. It's been such a joy getting to know you and your art, and I can't wait to see where you take us next! Good luck!
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Season 3 is missing the best character from Seasons 1 and 2. We all feel the pain of her absence

Season 3 is missing the best character from Seasons 1 and 2. We all feel the pain of her absence submitted by TheCoolKat1995 to riverdale [link] [comments]

Podcast-PlayList vom Montag, 11.05.2020

Die gesamte Tages-PlayList
Sendung Titel
BR Kalenderblatt 11.05.1945 Kamikazeflugzeuge treffen US-Flugzeugträger USS Bunker Hill (1)
BR Wissen Kriemhild und Brünhild - Heldinnen der Nibelungen (2)
SWR Zeitwort 11.5.1996: Am Mount Everest sterben acht Bergsteiger (3)
SWR Wissen Florence Nightingale - Ikone der modernen Krankenpflege (4)
WDR Hoerspiel Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Krieg (1/4) - Mein Opa, der Algerienkrieg, die Pariser Terroranschläge und ich (5)
WDR Hoerspiel Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Krieg (2/4) - Über die Ursachen des Hasses (6)
WDR Hoerspiel Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Krieg (3/4) - Frankreich und Algerien (7)
WDR Hoerspiel Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Krieg (4/4) - Rückblick auf Algerien-Krieg (8)
WDR Zeitzeichen Freiherr von Münchhausen (Geburtstag 11.5.1720) (9)
Zeit Titel wo min
05:26 Angst vor dem Virus und Wut auf die Regierung - Frankreich in Coronazeiten (Bohne, Martin) DLF 2:42 ?
05:45 Der Robo Dog von Singapur - Roboter-Hund überwacht Einhaltung von Corona-Regeln (Senzel, Holger) DLF 3:10 ?
06:14 Ein Boris-Palmer-Zitat und die Folgen (Götz, Uschi) DLF 4:14 ?
07:10 Wächst aus den Coronaprotesten eine neue politische Bewegung? (Hamberger, Katharina) DRK 5:56 ?
07:35 Debatte um Immunitätsausweis für genesene Corona-Patienten (Hielscher, Diane) DLF 4:23
08:21 Zugriff - vor 60 Jahren wurde Adolf Eichmann entführt (Hammer, Benjamin) DRK 3:33 ?
08:42 Das Wichtigste heute Morgen (Kaess, Christiane) DLF 4:36 ?
11:09 Zum Tod von Little Richard: Wie die Flamboyanz in den Pop kam (Scholl, Joachim) DRK 8:44 ?
11:24 Neue Weltmusik: Das muss man gehört haben ... oder auch nicht (Friedrich, Grit) DRK 4:50 ?
11:41 'Bisschen Reggae machen': Max Weissenfeldt und ein weltumspannendes Musikprojekt (Kober, Till) DRK 5:42 ?
11:50 Die Saxofon-Legende Klaus Doldinger und 'Motherhood' (Seidel, Sarah) DRK 5:28 ?
12:10 Hygiene - Demos: Bewegung oder Ansammlung? (Küppersbusch, Friedrich) DRK 12:03 ?
12:28 Kemmerich protestiert in Gera: Hat die FDP ihren Sarrazin Momemt? (Küppersbusch, Friedrich) DRK 4:39 ?
12:40 Notenbonus für Corona-Abitur: gute Lösung oder Freibrief? (Küppersbusch, Friedrich) DRK 3:51 ?
12:50 Bewaffnete Drohnen: Wie ergebnisoffen ist die Debatte darüber? (Küppersbusch, Friedrich; Remme, Klaus) DRK 7:42 ?
13:09 Attentäter gefasst - Erleichterung in Waldkraiburg (Krone, Tobias) DRK 5:38 ?
13:10 EZB-Urteil: Kritik an Plänen von der Leyens (Kapern, Peter) DLF 3:39 ?
13:50 Dichte Grenzen: Dt., öst., schweiz. Wirtschaftskammern fordern Öffnung (Wagner, Thomas) DLF 3:08 ?
14:07 Corona-Forschung - Das macht die Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Howard, Tina) DLF 6:34
15:15 Comic-Biographie über Asterix-Erfinder: 'Die Geschichte der Goscinnys' (Heinze, Andrea) DLF 5:50 ?
15:20 Serie 'The Eddy' - Das Leben als Jazzsong (Ignatowitsch, Julian) DLF 5:45 ?
15:28 Tod von Litlle Richard -Tutti Frutti and Goodbye (Siniawski, Adalbert) DLF 2:11 ?
15:39 Wie berichten über Verschwörungstheorien? - Interview mit Tanjev Schultz (Smarzoch, Raphael) DLF 7:34 ?
15:40 Netflix: Jazzserie 'The Eddy' von 'La La Land'-Regisseur Damien Chazelle (Müller, Andreas) DRK 7:52 ?
15:52 Offensiv: BILD-TV in der Coronakrise auf Expansionskurs (Meyer, Michael) DLF 4:50 ?
15:52 Shantel 'Istanbul' - vom Balkan an den Bosporus (Beyer, Carsten) DRK 5:39 ?
16:11 Linke als Verschwörungstheoretiker - Daniel Cohn-Bendit im Gespräch (Biesler, Jörg) DLF 8:27 ?
16:30 Coronavirus, Milchstraße, Bienen (Glass, Meike) DLF 5:41
18:20 Kritik an Corona-Demos und FDP-Teilnahme (Lindner, Nadine) DLF 3:22 ?
18:20 Fleischindustrie: 'Wir wehren uns gegen diesen politischen Generalverdacht' (Meschkat, Sonja) DLF 5:37
18:40 Versperrte Wege? - Was die Frauenquote für Männer bedeutet (Scherer, Katja) DLF 18:52 ?
19:05 Corona Kindeswohl: Keiner weiß wirklich, was in den Familien los ist (Magazin) (Kulms, Johannes) DRK 6:07 ?
19:15 Die Kommunistin im Auswärtigen Amt. Ilse Stöbe (Kebir, Sabine) DLF 43:43 ?
22:03 Lüge eines Lebens - Teil 2 (Podcast) (von Ditfurth, Christian) DRK 54:32 ?
22:15 Folge 5: Der Prügelknabe (Podcast) (Bohlen, Hermann) DRK 9:24 ?
22:20 Folge 4: Locker bleiben, Friess! (Podcast) (Bohlen, Hermann) DRK 6:51 ?
22:25 Folge 3: Ungeklärte Umstände (Podcast) (Bohlen, Hermann) DRK 9:10 ?
22:30 Folge 2: Die Taste mit der Forke (Podcast) (Bohlen, Hermann) DRK 9:09 ?
23:31 Stay alert statt Stay at home: Johnson im Unterhaus zu Lockerungen (Spickhofen, Thomas) DLF 1:02
23:32 Neue Runde der Brexit-Gespräche - droht doch ein harter Bruch? (Ueberbach, Stephan) DLF 1:37
23:34 Streit um bewaffnete Drohnen - Diskussion eröffnet (Küstner, Kai) DLF 1:20
23:35 Neue Spur in der AfD-Spendenaffäre (Hoffmann, Heiner) DLF 0:58
23:40 EU-Kommission behält sich mögliches Vertragsverletzungsverfahren gegen D vor (Beckmann, Holger) DLF 2:26
(#) Info
(1) Kamikaze- und Kaiten-Piloten begingen Selbstmord für ihr Land. Freiwillig wie es hieß. Manche von ihnen waren erst 17 Jahre alt. Gebracht hat Japan dieses Opfer nichts.
(2) Im Nibelungenlied, einem mittelalterlichen Epos, geht es um Liebe und Eifersucht, um Verrat, Rache und Mord. Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei zwei wunderschöne Frauen von höchst unterschiedlichem Charakter: Kriemhild und Brünhild.
(3) Zwei Bergführer kommerzieller Unternehmen standen in Konkurrenz: Wer bekommt mehr Leute auf den höchsten Gipfel der Welt? Der Wettlauf endete in einer Tragödie.
(4) Florence Nightingale (1820 - 1910) widmete ihr Leben dem Aufbau einer modernen Krankenpflege. Im Krimkrieg pflegte sie ab 1854 verwundete Soldaten - ungewöhnlich für eine Frau der britischen Oberschicht. Ihr Geburtstag am 12. Mai ist der Internationale Tag der Pflege. Von Pia Fruth.
(5) Teil 1 •Doku-Drama• Im Jahr 2015 erlebt der Schauspieler und Autor François Pérache die Terroranschläge in Paris hautnah mit - und beginnt eine Recherche über den Tod seines Großvaters. // Von François Pérache und Sabine Zovighian / Regie: Annika Erichsen / WDR 2018 / www.hoerspiel.wdr.de
(6) Teil 2 •Doku-Drama• Der Schauspieler und Autor François Pérache trifft eine Augenzeugin, die den Anschlag auf seinen Großvater Anfang der 1960er-Jahre beobachtet hat. // Von François Pérache und Sabine Zovighian / Regie: Annika Erichsen / WDR 2018 / www.hoerspiel.wdr.de
(7) Teil 3 •Doku-Drama• Im Mittelpunkt des 3. Teils steht das Massaker von Paris am 17. Oktober 1961. Beim brutalen Vorgehen der Polizei starben damals über 200 Menschen. // Von François Pérache und Sabine Zovighian / Regie: Annika Erichsen / WDR 2018 / www.hoerspiel.wdr.de
(8) Teil 4 •Doku-Drama• Im letzten Teil versucht Francois Pérache seine Rechereche über den Ursprung des Hasses zwischen Algeriern und Franzosen zu einem versöhnlichen Ende zu bringen. Kann ihm das gelingen? // Von François Pérache und Sabine Zovighian / Regie: Annika Erichsen / WDR 2018 / www.hoerspiel.wdr.de
(9) Sein Name fällt - und im Kopf entsteht das Bild eines Mannes, der sich an eine Kanonenkugel klammert und damit durch die Luft fliegt: Baron von Münchhausen, genannt der Lügenbaron, ein begnadeter Geschichtenerzähler. Und ein Vorbild für viele künstlerische Werke und offenbar auch ganz reale Personen in Politik und Gesellschaft. Autor: Thomas Klug
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Robotisering, wie heeft in 2030 nog een baan?

Robotisering, wie heeft in 2030 nog een baan? submitted by Mostwanted21 to thenetherlands [link] [comments]

Season 5 Week 4 | Roller Debbies (Judge's Critiques)

Good evening, jammers! This week we asked our girls to gear up in teams of three (and one of two) to battle it off in MPAR’s first Roller Derby tournament. As you already know, there will be no elimination this week, but only one team can take home the trophy.
But first, please welcome your judges!
The judges have deliberated and made their decisions. Will the following team step forward:
Monster Smashers...
Congratulations, you served us spoopy and now you’re SAFE. Your critiques can be found in this doc.
The rest of you represent the best and worst teams of the week. You'll receive your critiques in the order that the looks album was presented.


You Prostitution whores on wheels. Really awesome work this week I love thieves is character concepts and you guys look really clean uniform and fun. I knew what the tea was just by looking at you guys and we didn’t need to go digging in the description. Live the colors and the clearly defined roles, good work ladies.
  • Great work you guys look awesome.pussy,even
  • I would have loved a more exaggerated silhouette(even incorporating aerodynamic and streamlined shapes)featuring the sporty details but all in all looks great! Keep up the good work.
  • Strongk wamin. The details on this are awesome, love your shield and pads
  • Werk mama
  • The pose paired with the armor like pads sold me on your beef. I also like the hair with this NYASSSS great job
  • You really excel at these character draggy concepts and you did great this week, I have nothing but good things to say
  • The arms are a really cool touch and pop
  • The hair coming through/attached to the helmet was smart from all of you and you keep up the great work
You gals look amazing! Great colour palette and all the looks are very cohesive without being repetitive. At first glance it almost looks like it was all drawn by one person lol. Definitely the most uniform and put together of all the groups for sure. When looking more closely it’s so fun to see the little details that sets each member apart, like Eva’s angular blocky angular armor against Komik’s more rounded shapes and then Kandy with her light, streamlined silhouette and the star detailing. It differentiates each of you, but the big picture stays cohesive and makes sense.
The styling also really helps give everyone a very recognizable personality. I also really enjoy the clear definition of player roles and how the gadgets play into it. The colours are also a very refreshing take on futurism and also feel like a sports team combination so props on that as well.
  • Amazing characterization, the bulky armor and the cool ass shield really play into the blocker role.
  • I love the little detail of the biceps; I can clearly see that you’re the musclehead of the team.
  • I kind of wish your helmet was different. The armor and shield kind of give me knight vibes so you could have played with that and done a futuristic take on a medieval knight helmet. Great work this week, nonetheless.
  • I’m so, so proud of you this week. This is great all around! Exactly what I wanted to see.
  • Without reading the description, I knew exactly who you were and what you do.
  • Your rendering is such a huge improvement from past weeks. And your posing is also on point, very dynamic and fitting. I really like your star details for your character. And also how slightly different your outfit is from the rest; more purple heavy than white. It really makes you stand out among your team mates.
  • Awesome work Kandy! I hope this week is a turning point for you, so we can get to see the real star within.
  • You have my favorite helmet of your team (maybe bc I’m biased for mohawks). I love the cunty hawk so much.
  • Your gadget of choice is also a really innovative way to portray the jammer role. I so kinda wish your normal hands were in a less arbitrary pose, maybe mimicking the robot arms or something, but that’s a nitpick really.
  • The bruised eye is also a super nice touch!
Overall I really loved your team theme I knew exactly what it was as soon as I looked at it so great job. I really love the colours for this team theme so whoever picked those shout out to you. Everyone looks very cohesive and You all shine through. I love that no one is left in the dust!
  • I love seeing you in such a futuristic look! This feels so fresh for you.
  • I appreciated the dynamic posing but I think you could have turn another pass of the foreshorten leg to make it just right.
  • The bicep details, the energy shield, all the little touches are really cute I think if anything I wish the helmet wings were bigger.
  • Next week I want to keep seeing these dynamic poses tightened up and more awesome styling from you keep it up.
  • This is perfection I love her so much I could instantly tell who she was in the group and she looks like she owns the jam
  • I really liked the details here I think you edit it perfectly well it’s not too busy but it doesn’t look under done. The rendering is really tight and clean this week as well good job
  • I absolutely loved the special effects you added to your boots and visor! it adds such great character to the look and really saw the entire group Next week I wanna keep you keep seeing you push this momentum and keep that rendering tight because it’s great
  • This is so butch I love it! You really sold your character here I can totally tell that you’re the bad ass of the group great job
  • I really love the colour detail and the pink digital veins all along the look I thought it was really cohesive
  • I really love the extra hands they were a great touch I thought it was a great way to augment a roller derby player in a fun way
  • Next week I want to keep seeing you really push that fashion and I see it in the collar and I’m excited to see it more next week


Fishies fishies . Although you guys get kind of lost in the darkness here and the wheels are too smoll, but you were down one girl and you still served it up I really like the concept of the lights being incorporated into your looks and maybe it could have been pushed further with some more severe details and more lights!maybe leaned more into a fish/marine theme. Good job Hennies.
  • Legs, legs legs. I like where you started here but it feels not as special as it could be with some more finessing of details and theme. If this bitch is glowing and skating at the bottom of the ocean I wanna see her GLOW.
  • Some stand out characterization was missing from your look and I think that really got you this week
  • You still delivered a beautifully rendered look and I personally like your concept. And the tiny skirt
  • Not so much the tiny wheels. I think this needed some EDGE
  • I’m gonna say this as directly as possible so that I don’t repeat myself over and over again in the coming weeks, but you really need to play better with the light and the dark because your looks are getting really consistently muddy and the lack of definition leads my eye away instead of studying the details and the work that you do.
  • I think you can still maintain your stylish and painterly rendering without this being a distraction.
  • As for the look it’s nice but I really would’ve needed some severe pads the helmet the whole gig to be bumped up and also some more characterization.
Ahh, marine biology. My not so guilty pleasure. You guys had a very interesting concept but it doesn’t feel as fleshed out as the other teams. For a character design challenge, I feel like the characters lack depth, no pun intended ssksksk. Making “student” characters interesting and unique is a very big challenge and I’m assuming due to time pressure you gals didn’t get to develop the concept enough to take it all the way. Which is a bit of a shame because there’s so much inspiration that can be taken from deep sea life, the shapes, textures and bioluminescence.
I think a better direction would have been if you each chose a specific deep sea creature and based your looks off them. But then again, you guys struggled with time this week and I know for sure you can both do so much better, we’ve seen it many times. So, don’t be discouraged. The MPAR gods smiled upon you this week, good thing there’s no elimination this week because I could not stand losing either of you. (Besides, we already lost an amazing artist this week.)
  • You look really lovely this week. This shade of blue suits you so well and I really like this short bob on you.
  • Like I mentioned earlier there are some issues with characterization; This doesn't immediately strike me as a scholar outfit. I kind of wish you both would have added some university logo or something to really bring home the fact you're marine biologists.
  • I also feel that there's a bit of a disconnect between your outfit and Agatha's detailing on the bolero and the boots/skates. I would like to see you work on detailing in your work in the coming weeks because it can really elevate a simple look and it can make the construction look more natural.
  • I really like this color scheme, especially the touches of warm orange and pink here and there. Although, I must say that it's a bit similar to your urban legends look palette, so be careful with that kind of repetition.
  • The silhouette is really cute and very you, but I'd love to see you expand as well and try out something different (maybe some avant garde?) further in the competition.
Overall I really liked the colour combo U2 chose for your team think it was a nice refresher for the week. I didn’t really get marine biology nerd from this team I think you could’ve pushed your concepts a bit further or tweaked it to match what you presented right now they feel desperate.
  • Really love the movement of the pattern this week on your outfits my eye travels along your look beautifully
  • Are your roller skate wheels made from shopping cart wheels? I’m interested in how those work lol
  • The rendering overall felt a little dark I wish there might’ve been just a bit more highlight on the face I would’ve loved to really appreciate the make up more that you did this week
  • Next week I’d really love to see something outside of the box for and I feel like I’ve been getting very beautiful moody work from you and I’d love to see a tone shift
  • This feels very on brand for Agatha very cute and I love what you did with the lines in the patterns here
  • I really loved the details you have in your outfit this week the hair strands the boots are gorgeous the Bolero top is divine
  • I’m not really crazy about the pantsu moment I don’t think it added to the look and I think it’s just kind of cheapened it overall
  • Next week I’d really like to be surprised by you I feel like I have a good sense of where your comfort zone is and I’d like to see you outside of it.

In about 1 hour, we will announce the winner of the challenge and the HIGH/LOW placements.

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Kraftwerk - The Robots (1978) - YouTube War robots trailers - YouTube Kraftwerk - The Robots HQ Audio - YouTube Kraftwerk - The Robots (live) [HD] - YouTube War Robots [3.1] Test Server - NEW Raijin Buff / Weapons ...

Auch etwas kompliziertere Flächen, die aus mehreren Zonen bestehen, stellen für den Yard Force Mähroboter SA900ECO keinerlei Probleme dar. Der eingebaute Lithium-Ionen-Akku (28 V / 2,9 Ah) versorgt den bürstenlosen Motor des Mähroboters mit ausreichend Kraft, um Steigungen von bis zu ca. 40 % zu bewältigen. Hebe- und Kippsensoren lassen die Messer automatisch stoppen, sollte […] Robot Recruiting – dieser Begriff beschwört die Vorstellung von einer menschenähnlichen Maschine herauf, die vor einem Computer sitzt und mit ihren metallischen Fingern auf einer Tastatur tippt, um zum Beispiel Bewerber auszuwählen. Entwarnung: Diese Vision gehört ganz klar in den Bereich Science-Fiction.Nichtsdestotrotz ist Robot Recruiting in Personalabteilungen zur Realität geworden. Robot-War [VHS] Robotwars HQ Windspiration 71690 Robot Wars to-Head Kampfroboter, Mehrfarbig HEXBUG 501664 - BattleBots Arena, Elektronisches Spielzeug ... 83119 Obing Tel.: + 49 8624 891864 Fax.: + 49 8624 891 953 email: [email protected] Ein Mann ist von einem Roboter im VW-Werk Kassel in Baunatal getötet worden. Das war 2015. Demnächst startet der Prozess gegen einen Kollegen des Mannes.

[index] [5845] [5676] [7104] [6905] [2977] [3794] [540] [3551] [5581] [6708]

Kraftwerk - The Robots (1978) - YouTube

Roel Boumans promoveerde met een onderzoek naar zorgrobots. Zijn belangrijkste conclusie: als zorgprofessionals worden ondersteund door een robot, gaat de kw... Ein hoher Automatisierungsgrad – unterstützt durch Elemente der Industrie 4.0: Die Bauteil-Zerspanung bei KUKA zeigt, wie eine zukunftsorientierte Fertigung ... Kraftwerk - Minimum Maximum Robotisering bedreigt miljoenen banen. Pikt een robot jouw baan straks in? Abonneer je NU om niets te missen: bit.ly/NOSop3 -----... War Robots [3.1] Test Server Gameplay with Raijin. for those who missed the weapons change Log at the start: Pinata +5% damage Pin -5% damage Aphid +5% damag...