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TIFU By Falling For FBI Call Scam

As the title says, TIFU by falling for fbi call scam about my ssn being used fraudulently. I was told that I needed to confirm stuff about my bank balance and whatnot(did not give them anything other than my balance) and after a back n forth conversation I fell for their story and went to the store and bought a $400 giftcard and gave them $400 in gift card. I hesitated so much on the gift card but I gave it anyway. I did not know better and the caller was very convincing that the money would be refunded via cashier check and fbi reps would be meeting with me. I should have went to the police for more confirmation but my failure is your success?
I am really, really sad and I’m hoping that the person reading this does not fall for any of the fbi scam. Do not fall for the fbi phone number that the caller provides. You guys have a great day.
TL:DR I fell for FBI call scam and gave $400 for free
Edit:This blew up more than I have expected. A lot of you are rightfully so bashing and berating me as a person and god knows I deserve it. What did I expect posting it in the internet? But instead of berating me, considering I already know I FU'd, just have the decency of posting helpful tips and how to avoid being scammed like I did(doesn't matter how dumb, I fell for it anyway)
I'm sure others that have seen this post have helped them see a general idea of how the fake call scams worked. Hope my failure is to your benefit.
Edit 2: A lot of you are saying “why would an fbi want a gift card”. It wasn’t because they wanted a gift card personally, in the conversation/story the caller had, had me believe its for account theft purposes and to have proof of all my balances.(just typing this edit out its already killing me inside). But yes yes yes I know all the signs are there but what can I do but move on from my FU and hopefully spread this information to the unaware no matter how dumb it is.
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YSK: Most drain cleaning/sewer services scam customers out of hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is a guide for anyone who owns or plans to own a house that will allow you spot the tricks they use, as well as tips to prevent you from needing to use a service at all.

Why YSK: I used to be a drain cleaner. EVERY SINGLE DAY I had people coming to me for a second opinion because they were told they had to replace their sewer line for 5 grand. In the two years I spent drain cleaning, I only came across a whopping FOUR people that actually needed their sewer line replaced and well over a hundred that were told they had to. Here are some of the many tactics these companies use:
-The most common one is that they couldn’t get their blades past a blockage so the line must be broken. If this were true, the blades would come back with either mud on them, or completely clean and shiny. Even then, there are lots of other reasons why they could be shiny so it’s not a definite break in the line.
-They clean the line with small or sometimes even no blades. If it’s the mainline, at least 3 inch blades should be used. Preferably 4 inch though. But some companies don’t do that. So they will poke a hole into the blockage, and everything will run just fine...for a few days. Shortly after, that tiny hole will close again and you’ll call them back out. They’ll try to convince you it’s because the line is broken when it’s not.
-They make you think roots in the mainline are a huge deal and the line must be replaced. Roots are the most common cause of sewer line backups. It’s incredibly common and should be expected if you have a tree near your sewer line. Some people will go ten years before their first root caused backup because it can take time for the roots to get through the pipe. Your sewer line is still in good shape. Just get it snaked every year and use root killer to slow the growth.
-They scope the line and find bellies with sitting water or small offsets. While not ideal, most houses have them and it’s not necessarily a big deal. It’s something to keep an eye on, not waste 5-10 grand on.
Here’s some general tips regarding the trade:
-If the company doesn’t have the prices online, don’t tell them if you’re renting out the house. If you’re a landlord they’ll assume you’ve got extra cash and up charge you.
-If your basement has a floor drain, get a $10 water alarm. If it ever backs up, you’ll know immediately and stop the spread of water before it causes massive amounts of damage. This is particularly important if you don’t go into the basement often. I once went to an elderly lady’s house that had a foot of water in the basement. She was too old to go downstairs and didn’t notice the smell because she was hooked up to an oxygen tank thingy. Decades of memories stored in boxed were destroyed.
-If you have a sewer line scoped, make sure you see them do it yourself. They like to swap footage with another house and act like your line is broken. Also make sure they use at least 3 inch blades on your mainline. Also make sure to get a copy of the footage. You can send it to multiple companies and they’ll usually give you their opinion for free so you don’t need it scoped multiple times!
-Clean out the p-traps to your sinks. I’ve had dozens of people call me to spend five minutes unscrewing their trap, cleaning it out, the putting it back. When I try to tell them that it’s easy to do yourself they say they don’t mess around with anything plumbing related. But seriously, watch a two minute video and do it yourself in 5 minutes and save a hundred bucks.
-DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING DOWN THE TOILET UNLESS IT CAME OUT OF YOU, OR ITS TOILET PAPER!!!! It doesn’t matter if your wipes say they’re “flushable”. it doesn’t matter if it’s “just a few tampons”. It doesn’t matter if you “didn’t think your kid was dumb enough to flush his cat stuffed animal”. Don’t do it! Just because it gets past the toilet doesn’t mean it gets through the whole line. If you’re flushing wipes or tampons, there’s a good chance your just collecting them and one day you will be met with a very unpleasant surprise. I’ve seen anywhere from a couple tampons clogging the line to filling up HALF OF A FIVE GALLON BUCKET with tampons. The only thing worse than spending 10 hours fishing for tampons is spending a thousand bucks for someone to fish for your tampons.
There’s a lot more to it but I’m doubtful many will even read this. Which is a shame because I saw people getting scammed every single day and it’s easily avoidable. Most people don’t know much of this and these companies know that. And they take advantage of it.
Edit: I forgot to mention, don’t use any draino or anything similar. It’s very acidic. It can melt away pipes overtime and does a very poor job anyways. It usually only pokes holes into things. Save your pipes and clean out the trap yourself by hand, or call someone to do it.
Also, I highly recommend never using a snake yourself for the mainline, or even really a kitchen line. I have no idea how places like Home Depot are allowed to rent them out to just anyone. I know people that were trained to use them and still lost a finger. If you’re not incredibly familiar with it you can go from being just fine to missing a finger in literally a split second. Spend the extra hundred dollars and have a professional do it. It takes a long time to be trained to use it and messing up or not knowing how to use it properly can cost you a finger or two.
Also, if your toilets start to bubble/gargle when you run any water, your line is most likely going to be backing up. You could have a backup in one minute, or in a week. It’s best to have someone out ASAP!
People are asking why you shouldn’t use the snake yourself or how I could cause a lot of damage. This is why. BE WARNED, THIS IS NSFW AND GOREY. And this isn’t even the worst that can happen!
Also, drain cleaners love kitchen sink disposals because it keeps them in business. The more food you put down, the more likely it will get clogged. Especially avoid greasy foods, egg shells, and coffee grounds. If you’d like to avoid a backup, don’t put any food down the sink and use a paper towel to wipe off excess grease on dishes!
As much as I would love to, it has become impossible to keep up with all of these comments! If you have a question, I’d recommend saving this post and then messaging me in a day or two! Thanks for all of the awards! I hope this post can help you save some money and make scammer companies lose some business!
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BF just sent 500$ back to someone on Venmo who "accidentally" sent it to him. Was he scammed? What should he do through his bank and through Venmo? (US)

My boyfriend had 500$ sent to him on venmo by a stranger "on accident" last night.
Being the well meaning good person he is, he sent it right back. He had 0$ in the Venmo account *before and after the exchange, but has one or two bank cards linked to the Venmo account. The person is asking him to send the payment again.
I told him the whole situation sounded like a scam I had heard of, the fake payment scam, and that he should contact Venmo and his bank immediately. I don't really know what to do to help him and we're all on hard times because of COVID 19. If you have advice we would super appreciate it.
I hope this is on the right subreddit. Thanks for reading.
Edit: Thank you for all of the helpful responses and for the two awards! You're very kind.
I think we're in the clear if it was a scammer and not some random pheasant messing up sending rent to someone. We did the following:
We will try calling Venmo shortly.
Edit #2/Update: Gee whiz thanks for the other awards and all of the upvotes and comments. A lot of you were really thoughtful and helpful.
I think the situation is mostly resolved. My bf has not lost any money yet and we will pay attention to Venmo and watch to see if there are any changes to his wallet balance to see if it goes negative and then we'll have to argue with Venmo and watch for debt collection agencies I guess.
That being said, there are a few people wondering about if we were overly paranoid and if we did come across a scammer. The person had 100+ friends and my bf sent the money back immediately after it was received. Venmo said we did the right thing in this case. *shrug* I do not have a link but there is one somewhere in the comments.
The reason why I freaked out and thought it might be a scam is because the person asked for the 500$ amount a second time after the first payment was sent. That screams not normal to me and it did to my bf too. I regularly choose to put my faith in the average person but we both are skeptical enough to see when something is weird, thus this post and wondering if we've encountered a bad egg.
*added "before and after the exchange" to a sentence for clarification for some.
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TIFU by realising I got scammed 6 years ago

So this happened 6 years ago. My laptop with 8 GB RAM stopped working so I showed it to a repair guy. He took the laptop, repaired it, and returned it to me after 2 days. The laptop started working again and I was really happy. However, the speed felt slower than before. Previously, I could open multiple chrom tabs and still be able to play games while they were open but now it would drop a lot of frames and my laptop would start overheating. I thought maybe it’s getting old so that’s why the performance is dropping. So I didn’t care much.
Fast forward to few days back. The same laptop stopped working again, so I called the same repair guy. He took the laptop again, repaired it and returned it to me in 2 days. This time when I started using the laptop, I could IMMEDIATELY tell something was off. The speed was RIDICULOUSLY slower than before. If opened just 2 tabs on chrome it would still overheat. I checked on YouTube for solutions and came across this video where he said to check on computer settings whether all my ram slots were functioning properly and all my ram cards were being detected. So I open computer setting and guess what I find out? It’s reading only 2 GB of RAM! How the fuck did it drop to 2 GB from 8 GB?! I thought it must be an error so I restarted the laptop multiple times and it still read 2 GB. Then I called the repair guy and asked him about this. He replied “It’s just a minor error. It will fix automatically over time. Don’t worry.” I was so confused. I didn’t believe him so I opened the laptop myself and checked the ram slots and Guess what I find? ONE OF THE RAM CARDS IS MISSING AND the RAM card that was in it was NOT the one that I got with my laptop because I remember it had a stylish border. So I looked up the card number online and found out that it was only 2 GB. I called the repair guy again and asked him about this. He said that he was also repairing another laptop and swapped ram cards by mistake and he was really sorry. So he came home the next day, swapped the ram card with my original one and was about to leave when I asked him “What about the second card?”
RG: What card? Me: The one that you stole from me years ago. RG: I don’t know what you are talking about. Me: This is only 4 GB RAM. Don’t try to fool me again. I’m calling the cops. RG: Wait wait I’m sorry!! I think I remember now!I’ll bring it! I had forgotten about it!
So he brought it back and now my laptop is as fast as ever. I guess I would have never known about the stolen RAM card If I never called him again.
TLDR; Laptop repair guy stole one of my RAM cards 6 years ago and I learned that recently. I confronted him about it and after threatening him of calling cops on him, he surrendered and returned it to me.
Update 1: HOLY SHIT!!! I did not expect this post to blow up!! Thanks for all the awards! I have never got these many awards before! Speaking of the theif, I reported it to the customer service of his company. They told me they will take action against him. I will ask them again tomorrow and update it on this post.
Update 2: The guy got fired from his company and got arrested! Apparently he had made over $5000 by selling stolen electronic parts from all his customers. He had stolen things like cameras and graphic cards etc. His company gave everyone of his customers a huge discount coupon in return as a token of apology. The cops are still investigating the whole chain of these scammers. I hope they get caught soon! Also I read most of the comments and I wanted to clear up some misconceptions people had:
  1. He obviously did not return the exact same RAM card to me. He must have bought the same model from one of his friends from the chain.
  2. How is this my TIFU? Well if I had investigated this the 1st time my laptop got slow 6 years ago, then I could have not only saved 6 years of slow processing of information, but also prevented others from getting scammed in that time period.
That fucker got arrested. It’s a shame it took him so long. The lesson we should all learn from this is to be careful with whom you give your products to and try fixing things on your own. Don’t be an idiot like me.
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Scam is real be careful who you from

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TIL during the US prohibition era, medicinal liquor was fraudulently exploited in many scams, one doctor cited for writing 475 prescriptions for whiskey in one day. Charles R. Walgreen, the founder of Walgreen's pharmacies expanded from 20 stores to a staggering 525 during the 1920s.

TIL during the US prohibition era, medicinal liquor was fraudulently exploited in many scams, one doctor cited for writing 475 prescriptions for whiskey in one day. Charles R. Walgreen, the founder of Walgreen's pharmacies expanded from 20 stores to a staggering 525 during the 1920s. submitted by gregrusso5 to todayilearned [link] [comments]

The Burger King PS5 Giveaway Scam

Many people on reddit have not heard from BK since winning a PS5 after October 21st. I am one of those people. 2 weeks and not a peep.
Starting this weekend people are getting emails saying their receipt could not be validated and they do not get to win the PS5 after playing the scratch to win game and redeeming their prize.
Burger King and their sweepstakes host "Realtime Media" are unresponsive and phone system goes direct to voicemail. BK has even shut down the ability to leave messages on instagram since October 19th.
This is rather odd and I feel is a total scam. There has yet to be a validated winner since October 21st...
This is going to end up in the news, just like the Taco Bell Playstation Vita giveaway did years ago where hundreds of people did not receive the prize they won. Source:
Have you encountered an issue with this promotion? Have you been able to talk to their support team?
For those of you who are wondering what the disqualification email looks like, this was posted on the burger king sub:
Update 11/2/20: I didn't expect this post to blow up as quickly as it did. But my main argument here is is completely broken for being able to enter a receipt or playing the scratch game - if you choose to use the app, half the time tokens are missing when entering receipts and/or are given random errors. If you have not personally experienced this, I recommend going to try it right now. Visit or download the app. A big corporation like this should not be hosting a promotion without a working and tested application to play the promotional game. BK Employees should also be held accountable for not providing receipts to their patrons.
Update 2 11/2/20: I finally got an email from the support team apologizing for the delay and I should have more information by November 6th - 2 minutes later I get a email saying THEY COULD NOT VALIDATE MY WIN:
Update 11/3/20: I reached out to BK support via their website as they now have drop-downs for PS5 validation. Within 24 hours I had someone respond and ask for my receipt/proof of purchase. I sent what I had and he told me I am validated and will be receiving more information about my PS5 WIN by tomorrow. More information to come!
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The "college experience" is one of the biggest scams in the world

The experience of going to college is arguably one of the worst parts of your life as you have to living in dorms with horrible living conditions that are extremely expensive. You are literally paying thousands to live in a tiny room that is similar to a military barracks. The social life on college campuses isn't that important either as most friendships don't last long. The food in the dining halls are overpriced food that generally taste worse than food made by your parents.
Most college students live off-campus by their second or third year because living on-campus is a giant overpriced scam. It just makes no sense for why so people want to get the college experience in the first place, yet immediately run away from it when given the opportunity to do so.
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u/TiffanyGaming gives a detailed explanation how the Trump Administration conducted the COVID-19 global pandemic into a racketeering scam. Links are also given from news articles proving the stated examples.

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URGENT. 2K scammed thousands of players out of money. James harden wasn’t in packs for the first 23 minutes of being “released”.

Hey y’all
This is shady business practises and honestly should be brought to 2ks attention. We did this when it came to battlefront 2 with their pay to win loot boxes and what not. People paid thousands of dollars to obtain a card that was missing from boxes for the first 23 minutes of James Hardens release. People should be outraged by a basketball company who relies on gambling and lies.
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When scam callers call more than your friends.

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Toph master of scams [OC]

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WhiteHatJunior is biggest scam of 2020(Rant)

The television ad potrays that a 6 year old chintu just made an app and has now opened his own business and is getting foreign investments Is this possible. Lets say after 20 years a tech billionare comes and say that i have become a CEO only because my mom enrolled me in WhiteHatJunior when i was 6 years old.People say it's a valuable skill but there is no shortage of coders in india. Many are unemployed It's not a very difficult skill as well u can easily learn it within 3 years and don't need to start learning it from fucking 6 years old.thousands of rupees are being looted from parents so that their kid can learn coding which is easily available on youtube and even of better quality and they say that they give certification...then listen when someone goes in an interview the interviewer wont give a shit about certificates.They want to see how much skills u have no matter where u have learned. So pls🙏🏻 WhiteHatJunior is pretty much getting trolled everywhere.....their target audience isn't even kids its parents from whom they can loot money. It's evident from their ads.
-Coming from a class 11 commerce student who was being forced to study coding from WhiteHatJunior but i just said fuck no.
PS- they even talk about taking kids to silicon valley if they develop apps and they will get chance to meet CEOs and get investments because of tie ups.
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AITA for calling my sister a dumbass after she fell for the illuminati WhatsApp scam?

Incase you're unaware there's a bunch of scumbags in Cameroon who pretend to be a part of the illuminati and message people on social media telling them they're invited and will receive benefits like a massive salary and be a part of this secret and prestige organization, after the initiation and registration fee of 666 dollars of course. There's various youtube videos of it and the whole thing is so ridiculous, idk how anyone could fall for it, but low and behold my dumbass sister did.
She actually transferred 666 dollars but the bank stopped the transfer detecting it as fraudulent. She told us how she was joining the illuminati and needed our help which is how we found oit. Btw she's not a kid, she's 21.
I was talking to my brother and I said something like "I've seen videos of these on youtube, I couldnt believe there were people this fucking stupid to fall for it, its horrifying someone related to us is dumbass enough to fall for it"
My sister overheard it and started crying and said went to our mom. Parents said I needed to apologize and I said no, what she did was dumbest thing I've ever seen anyone ever do, and I'm nit going to sugarcoat it. Who does this? This scam was even more obvious than the nigerian prince one. Most of my family is saying I'm an asshole for that but fuck that, we shouldn't be comforting my sister, we should be shaming her and letting her know what she did was so fucking stupid
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Antivirus is a scam

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ILPT Online Mattress Scam

Don’t know if this is OK for this sub. Purchased an online mattress and kept it almost 100 days. When I asked to return it they advised that I donate it and send them the receipt. I told them none of the charities are picking up anything up right now due to COVID. They replied, “just give it to a family member or friend with a picture of it being removed from your house for a full refund”
seems too easy
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[Sky TG24] Luis Suarez's Italian citizenship was obtained through a scam. An investigation done by Guardia di Finanza revealed that the arguments of the Italian language test held by the Uruguayan striker had been agreed upon earlier and the scores awarded before

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Pretending to have autism to scam her followers out of money.

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7 reasons why shipping container homes are a SCAM

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Walmart Tax Payer Scam

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r/fakedisordercringe brigade TikTok teen over starting a GoFundMe for her diagnosis, allegedly to scam money out of her followers

fakedisordercringe is a subreddit with the stated goal of exposing the lies and machinations of people who fake having mental disorders. But to absolutely no one's surprise, a subreddit dedicated to deciding who is and is not faking having mental disorders based on snapshots of their lives has a lot of weird conflict and gatekeeping.
This generally manifests in holding professional diagnosis as a standard that people have to pass and a heavy disdain for self diagnosis and anybody who participates in it, going as far as to say that “self diagnosis is the reason that people don’t take mental illness seriously.”
Eizawolfe is a TikTok individual who posts TikToks about autism, eating disorders, and small skits. I took a look at the content she has up but it’s honestly pretty boring and over-acted.
The drama:
On Friday someone in fakedisordercringe posted a TikTok that Eizawolfe made for her GoFundMe. In it she said that she “found a place that was willing to diagnose her with autism” but that it would cost $2500 so she made a GoFundMe to pay for that. Throughout the clip she fervently assures people that there's no pressure in a manner that comes across as quite passive aggressive.
Aside from the phrasing that implies she’s paying for the diagnosis rather than the assessment and some weird stuff about why she wants to get a diagnosis, the claims she makes are pretty unremarkable.
Some commentators assert that $2500 is way too much and that therefore she’s scamming people out of money but it’s actually pretty middle of the road for out of pocket assessments, which often cost $1500-$3500 (for reference, this is the fee scale of the place I went to and this is from the FAQ of the next closest place to where I live).
In a previous TikTok (that was posted on the subreddit later so many from there thought it was just her upping the ante of her GoFundMe) she says that she was quoted $6000 (purportedly from the UCLA diagnosis clinic), which is more than this type of assessment usually costs but not at all outside of the realm of possibility, given the US healthcare system.
She also asserts that the reason she can't get a referral is because her psychiatrist doesn't believe women can have autism. In a misplaced show of faith in medical professionalism, many in the subreddit say that such a psychiatrist could never have gotten/kept their licence. However, such stories are actually very common among women on the spectrum.
The next day she posts (and subsequently someone on the subreddit posts) a TikTok where she's crying about being harrassed by people of the subreddit. Commenters on the post say that she's being self centered by thinking the subreddit is about her and again claim that it doesn't cost as much as she says it does.
Users of the subreddit dig through her TikToks, posting about a TikTok where she claims to have a new tic, as part of a tic disorder, and that users of the subreddit claim has not been seen before or since and a TikTok where she claims to have caught herself dissociating on video (this one was actually posted twice). In the comments one user calls her a lying piece of shit.
Another user in the subreddit says they no longer feel welcome in an autism subreddit because they invited Eizawolfe and asks the community what they think about making a subreddit for "level-headed autistic people".
Another user posts a youtube video of their TikTok video titled "this girl on tiktok fakes autism for attention and monetary gain" saying that what she's doing is "offensive to people who are actually autistic" and "I don't want anyone to like hate on her, but fuck this girl" with the followup post Eizawolfe is problematic - faking disorders for monetary gain where he presents his argument for why she's faking and bad (in an extraordinarily condescending way) and the followup followup post where he says she agreed to do an interview with him.
TL;DR - TikTok user Eizawolfe is accused of faking mental disorders and financially exploiting her following through a GoFundMe that she made for diagnosis. fakedisordercringe sift through her TikToks and post all the things they think are suspicious and (allegedly) harass her.
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YSK: always google a company name + scam before buying anything from them

Why YSK: especially with small companies you see advertisements for on social media, you should always make sure a company you order from is not a scam, and it’s super easy to check.
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Scams That Should be Illegal - YouTube Top 10 Biggest Scams In History - YouTube 5 NEW Online Scams to Watch Out For! - YouTube NEW SCAM + 5 Common Phone Scams to Watch Out For - YouTube The Streamer Who Scams The Scammers - YouTube

IMG_1783.jpg . 698 KB 19.09.2018 17:41 . IMG_1778.jpg . 633 KB 19.09.2018 17:41 . IMG_1774.jpg . 505 KB 19.09.2018 17:41 Scams and Frauds. Learn how to protect yourself from and respond to scams and frauds. Common Scams and Frauds. Find information on common scams and frauds that can happen to you. Housing Scams. Beware of these frauds and scams when buying or foreclosing on a home. Identity Theft. How to protect yourself against identity theft and respond if it ... These types of scams tug at your heart strings and scammers manipulate your emotions in order to wring money out of you. Sweetheart swindles October 23, 2020 / 0 Comments / in Scams of the heart / by staff. Online dating can be fun and convenient, but falling for a sweetheart swindle can be costly. Be wary of “friends” you meet online who develop a relationship with you only to ... Scams. Scam-Mails enthalten Gewinnversprechen bzw. das Versprechen, schnell und mit einfachen Mitteln reich zu werden. Zunächst werden Sie jedoch dazu aufgefordert, selbst einen bestimmten Geldbetrag zu überweisen. Dies ist das eigentliche Ziel des Scams – Gewinne bzw. der schnelle Reichtum bleiben aus. Beispiel "Nigeria Connection" Deutsche Firmen, Behörden und Privatpersonen erhalten ... Australians have lost over $8.8 million to threat based scams so far this year, and young people are reporting the highest losses. 26 Oct 2020. Rental scams targeting more Australians during pandemic. Australians have lost over $300,000 to rental and accommodation scams this year, an increase of 76 per cent compared to the same time last year. 21 Sep 2020. Scams Awareness Week 2020. Our new ...

[index] [3394] [763] [4035] [732] [4241] [495] [5760] [2759] [954] [4093]

Scams That Should be Illegal - YouTube

Scams target everyone. Know what to look out for and outsmart the scammers. Transcript is available at: Skip navigation Sign in. Search Top 10 Biggest Scams In History SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: Top 10 Richest Criminal Organi... You fell for my scam, you actually clicked the video. Halloween Merch Second Channel Don't fall for these scams! More Top Lists Subscribe Here